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Happy Valentine's Day From Ben&Ben: The 'Fall' Music Video Is Here

'So why don't we fall in love tonight?'

Ben&Ben dropped their “Fall” music video at the stroke of midnight on Valentine’s Day and it’s the sweetest thing. It shows the different forms of love between two people, whether it’s a hetero couple, an LGBT couple, or a mom and her baby.

There’s one verse in the song that goes: “Hearts are beating / The night is fleeting / There's no denying / Puhon, puhon.” 

Miguel Benjamin Guico, the “Fall” songwriter and one of the lead singers, explains that they got the word “puhon” from two young listeners they met in Cebu. It means “hopefully, someday, in God’s time. And so it is with falling in love. We can only hope to feel the bliss when it comes along, but it will only make sense when it is the right time.” Aww!

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Fans aka BBs love the band’s V-day gift:

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