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The ~*Best*~ Scarlet Snow Videos Ever

There were too many to choose from!
PHOTO: Instagram/scarletsnowbelo

It's more than obvious that we're just so obsessed with Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho's charming baby girl Scarlet Snow. At just two years old, she has already captured the hearts of 1.1 MILLION Instagram followers!

Here, we've listed down our favorite Scarlet Snow videos that we can't help but play on repeat. 

Scarlet being a doctor in training:

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Daddy Hayden teaching her about the parts of a flower:

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Scarlet reciting a prayer:

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Knowing how to count in Chinese and Filipino:

Singing in her pastime:

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Being such a cutie while talking in gibberish:

Saying "hello" in different languages:

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Trying to sing along to this Filipino nursery rhyme:

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