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Better Than Sex: DILFs Of Disneyland

And this is why it's the happiest place on earth.

Hubba hubba. We just found our new favorite Instagram account: @dilfs_of_disneyland. Yup, as in Dads I'd Love To F*ck (DILF) in Disneyland. 

No wonder it's the happiest place on earth!  Because there's nothing sexier than a hot dad doting on his little tyke for all the world to see. 

Like actor Cam Gigandet wearing matching sunglasses with his daughter.

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And this DILF who lovingly cradled his baby girl while she took a nap.

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This DILF who reassured his little princess that she was the fairest of them all.

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This DILF who transformed into a human chair for his mini me.

And this DILF who gave his daughter a piggyback ride after visiting Cinderella's castle.

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Source: Buzzfeed

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