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This Corny (But Kilig!) Viral Ballpen V-Day Ad Already Has 1.6M Views

Try this next time you're shopping for pens!
PHOTO: Facebook/Bic Philippines

If you haven’t seen this viral video ad making the rounds (it has 1.6M views to date!), then tonight is the night to click through and watch it. It is, after all, Valentine’s, and we all could do well tonight with a bit of hope in love and serendipity.

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Bic Ballpens glorified the scribbles on a ballpen scratch pad. In their Valentine’s video, they show the unfolding of a love story through notes left on pen-testing scribble paper. You follow the journey that starts out with uncertain hellos between Mary and a certain “pen pal” named Gepoy. The notes progress to regular kumustahan, fastbreak updates, well wishes, and finally, a grand reveal.

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Sure, it’s pretty sappy, but we love the ingenious play on ordinary circumstances. After all, isn’t Valentine’s all about pleasant surprises during the most unexpected moments?

Now, the question is this: The next time you test a pen, will you be drawing meaningless scribbles or writing a message to a future soul mate? After this video, we feel like we’ll be spotting love notes on scratch pads all around town.