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Cosmo Confessions: What's Your Most Memorable Valentine's Day?

*picks mouth off the floor*
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Valentine's Day triggers a lot of emotions—for those with significant others and those who are flying solo. Think about your best and worst V-Day stories. Which one stands out the most? Good or bad, we asked Cosmo readers for their most memorable Valentine's Day. 

He showed up empty-handed

"He was my first sorta-real boyfriend (we had been dating for seven months), so as unfeminist as this sounds, I expected something for our first Valentine's Day together—not a big, lavish dinner, but SOMETHING. Anything, really. I decorated my room and made him a cute sleepover kit, and he showed up empty-handed. No flowers. No chocolates. No reservation for fucking dinner. I tried hard to convince myself that it was okay to be the only one who made an effort—guys are expected to do all the work on Valentine's Day, but I'm more progressive than most, so I shouldn't feel bad, right? I did. I couldn't help it. It was how I felt. My only regret is that I didn't say anything. I just accepted it, and he ghosted me for two weeks before showing up to a party with another girl, LOL." 

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The blind date

"Four years ago, I had my first and last blind date on Valentine's Day, and that was also my first time to attend the UP fair. I was a student back then, and the guy I met was already working and graduated from La Salle. At first, I was very shy and i didn't know how to act. He was sweet and friendly to me. I thought it was the real thing. Now I've realized na nadala lang dahil Feb 14. He wanted to buy me flowers, but I refused kasi 'di naman namin kilala masyado ang isa't-isa. After the fair, we talked and made out in his car. Omg, lasang shawarma bibig niya [pero] tiniis ko na lang kasi he was so sweet. After that day, we texted each other for a few days then he [stopped] replying. Dun ko na lang nalaman ang meaning ng ghosting." —Elise

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A drunk mess

"Valentine's Day 2011. When I bought a heart-shaped cake for him. Pag-uwi ko ng bahay, wala siya, so I placed it in the ref and rested 'cause I was tired from work. Sabi niya we will have a dinner with his parents that night. Then, umuwi siyang lasing at sinabing galing daw sa ibang lalaki yung cake na yun and humiliated me in front of his parents. I was so hurt that I cried the whole night and a few months later, I ended the relationship." —Aning

The fast & the furious?

"I had a quickie with a guy before he went on a Valentine's Day date with his girlfriend."

Single & surrounded by love

"Despite being single, I spent V-Day with friends, talking about stuff online and [my] family. In 2017, my parents and I went to a nearby food park and had a V-Day family dinner."

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A sweet surprise that made you bloom

"Last Valentines, I was on OJT the whole day, and my jowa was waiting for me at the terminal when I was on my way home. Our plan was just to eat a nice meal and go home. When I was looking around to find him, I saw him walking towards me, and when he finally reached me, sabi niya , 'Paki kuha nga yung nasa bag ko,' and it was a rose! I'm not the type of person who likes flowers talaga as a gift kasi nanghihinayang ako sa life nung flower but to me, it was kilig to the highest level pa rin and that was my most memorable Valentine."

Hello, friend zone

"Yung akala mo niyaya ka para makipag-date, 'yun pala nagpapasama lang bumili ng gift para dun sa nililigawan niya. Hindi ka na-inform, haha."

Rice, rice, baby

"What's better than receiving a bouquet of flowers? A five-kilo sack of rice. Yes, Valentine‘s Day 2017." —Joy

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