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Big Hit Is Holding Global Auditions For The Next Big K-Pop Boy Group

There's going to be a show about it!
PHOTO: Twitter/BTS_twt

Big Hit Entertainment, the South Korean entertainment company behind BTS, is launching a global audition program to find the next big K-pop act.

On February 18, Big Hit announced its partnership with global corporation Universal Music Group to launch a "global artist debut project". They are also working together on VenewLive, an online live streaming platform that BTS uses for its online concerts.

According to Big Hit chief executive Lenzo Yoon, the project will bring Big Hit’s "success formula" to the U.S., and the new boy group will be "active on the global stage". 

Big Hit will be taking care of screening candidates, training them, as well as content and updates for fans via Weverse. Universal Music Group, on the other hand, will handle "music production, global distribution, and producing the audition program with U.S. media partners.”

The auditions for the K-pop group will be aired on U.S. TV. Big Hit and Universal Music Group have yet to confirm which media outlet will broadcast the show. Based on what we know so far, it's going to have major American Idol vibes, wherein we follow the journey of auditionees and the winner lands a recording contract.

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