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Looking for your next read? These bookworms-slash-idols have got suggestions!
Believe it or not-despite having the busiest schedules on earth, your favorite K-pop idols still find the time to sit down and read their favorite books. While other K-pop celebrities find other hobbies to dedicate their pastimes to, these
You'll love the flavors from this ~*magic shop*~!
Whether it's the internet-famous Dalgona coffee or the K-drama favorite egg drop sandwiches, we can always rely on South Korea to introduce new food trends. If you have a sweet tooth (and you're an ARMY), you&#
He has been behind every single BTS album since 2013.
South Korea's highest-paid employee is a creative. Kang Hyo Won, the producer behind the K-pop group BTS, is reportedly the country's best-paid employee, according to various Korean news agencies.According to the producer's
Add this to your growing BTS merch collection!
Smart Communications continues to be our cause of ~euphoria~! The leading telco brand will be releasing a limited special edition BTS prepaid kit that comes with exclusive merch, and we can't wait to get our hands on it.Earlier this
Big Hit Music made it official as of August 20.
BTS will no longer be pushing through with their Map Of The Soul world tour.According to Soompi, Big Hit Music released a statement on August 20 about the tour's cancellation."Hello. This is BIGHIT MUSIC.""We would like to
So sweet!
K-pop fans are one of the most devoted fandoms you'll ever meet-apart from collecting all the available merch released, they would also put up billboards on their faves' birthday, donate to charities under the name of their
'They're my happiness. It's all worth it.'
If you're planning to cop new BTS merch but can't decide what to get, let Arci Munoz help you make the decision!In Arci's latest vlog uploaded on April 14, the actress, together with her mom,
She was called a 'bandwagoner,' 'fake fan,' and a 'poser.'
Andrea Brillantes had a lot to say to people saying hurtful things about her on social media.In one of her YouTube videos, Andrea reacted to mean comments where she revealed she got bashed by ARMY for being a fan of BTS.
Find out if your faves made it to the list!
Over the years, I have seen how K-pop fans show their love for their bias groups: From burning their songs on a CD to streaming their singles on Spotify, it's amazing to see how fangirling has evolved. But if
I loved it so much, I just had to have more—I found my new favorite sweet chili sauce in the process, too!
ICYDK, the BTS Meal is here only for a limited time. Millions have enjoyed it in the Philippines (and around the globe). We don't know until when we can enjoy the hyped sauces and the merch-worthy purple packaging. But we
And they shed light on things like, 'Can you really buy an iPhone with photo cards?'
One girl's "trash" is another (fan)girl's treasure. That's my biggest realization when I started seeing videos about photo cards (PCs) on TikTok. I had a few PCs from my BTS merch. They were all just collecting dust, TBH,
We totally wish we were there, too!
If you're a K-pop fan, it's practically ~heaven~ to be surrounded by things that remind you of your favorite groups-from their songs to their magazine covers, to even things related to their backstories and how they
Meet the multi-talented K-pop stars pushing the boundaries of their artistry.
Most K-pop idols go through a rigorous training process during their adolescence, honing their skills in singing, dancing, and performing. While fans already see them as multi-hyphenates thanks to their well-rounded knack for the performing arts, there are numerous
This is the best news we've heard this week!
It's confirmed, MOAs-TOMORROW X TOGETHER is Smart Communications' newest brand ambassador!Yesterday, the leading telco brand dropped hints on their social media pages about their "most exciting and dynamic partnership." They attached a photo that says "Build A
If you really want to get to know each member, watch them here. Warning: You might end up adoring them more!
If there's one thing that every BTS fan knows all too well, it's how becoming an ARMY is a rabbit hole. Some go down the music route and binge-watch all the music videos, concert recordings, and other live performances.
Belated happy birthday, Sabina!
On July 11, Claudine Barretto shared photos of Sabina's BTS-themed birthday celebration on Instagram. Scroll down for the cutest pics!Catching the attention of netizens was one of Claudine's photos of Sabina with a young man. In
Can you guess who?
It's evident how BTS has taken the world by storm over the years: From their chart-topping songs, millions of YouTube views, sold-out concerts, and many more. We even learned that an ARMY would spend an average of P68,
From billboards in EDSA to coffee trucks in South Korea.
You can't put a price on how far fans are willing to go for their idols. Those who lead fan groups are even more impressive. Imagine the time, effort, and money it takes to run an organization. How much more a
Cardi B reposted AC's video of 'Up' on her Instagram Stories!
Regardless of how much or how little you know about the world of dance, it's pretty easy to believe that Filipino-Canadian dancer and performer AC Bonifacio is overflowing with talent. And guess what? We're not the only
You'll also get to see the behind-the-scenes video of the Smart x BTS campaign!
You read that right, our fellow ARMY-you can take home a Samsung Galaxy S20 BTS Edition plus more exclusive prizes courtesy of Smart Communications!Last April, the leading telco brand released its *meaningful* campaign with the record-breaking K-pop group