Blake Lively 'Idolized' Britney Spears

Blake Lively says she based her prom outfit on the singer's style.

Blake Lively used to idolize Britney Spears. The Gossip Girl actress, who is married to heartthrob Ryan Reynolds, was fascinated by the pop star in her teen years and even based her school dance gown on Britney's own style.

Blake said: "[My teen idol was] Britney Spears. My prom dress looked like something she'd have worn—powder pink and with a bare midriff. I had to wear flat shoes with it, as my date was so short."

While the stunning star is known for her stylish outfit choices, she has a favorite era for fashion and dreams of revisiting the period and wearing its classic pieces.

She told Tatler magazine: "I love old-Hollywood glamour and elegance. I feel like I'm displaced in time. I wish we could still go to the grocery store in white gloves and a top hat."

Blake treasures one piece of advice given to her by French footwear designer Christian Louboutin while they were on a shoot in France.

She recalled: "Christian Louboutin once said to me, 'You make up your mind about what kind of life you want to live. I choose to live in a fairytale.'

"We were on a Vespa in Paris on our way to a wedding—he was in a three-piece suit and my dress was trailing behind. It was beautiful."

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