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Boyband B2ST Continues K-Pop's Manila Takeover

Korea-mania is all over the Philippines! Meet the guys of B2ST, the latest Korean boyband to explode onto the scene.
Fangirls were in a weeklong frenzy last June 16-19, and with good reason: B2ST, one of Korea's newest and hottest K-Pop acts, landed in Manila for a series of promotional meet-and-greets, culminating in a concert last Saturday, June 19. The event was for a local charity benefiting unwed mothers, of which Kim Hyun Joong of the insanely popular Korean drama Boys Over Flowers also took part.

Pronounced 'beast' (the number 2, a homonym for a short 'i' in Korean), the six-member group brings more to the table than your typical boyband (we admit that the celeb good looks, indeed, more than distract from the talent): despite none of them being over the ripe ol' age of 21, almost all are already veterans of the K-Pop system in general, each having had a taste of the limelight as individuals way before debuting as one group.

Du Jun, B2ST's leader, and Hyun Seung, one of the vocalists, were both products of boyband-creating reality shows back in Korea; Jun Hyung, the group's rapper, was himself already a member of another band before transferring to B2ST; Yo Seop, the main vocalist, was actually bandmate and resident dance machine cutie Gi Kwang's back-up dancer during the latter's previous solo effort, Dancing Shoes, back when he was still promoting under the name AJ. The youngest—or maknae—of the group, Dong Woon, a pianist, also went under the rigorous training expected from K-Pop idols before securing his spot.

They've earned two rookie awards and have performed along with established Korean superstars Rain, Lee Hyori, Wonder Girls, Girls Generation, and fellow recent Manila visitors 4Minute, Super Junior, and U-KISS, among others, in the 2010 I Love Korea DREAM Concert on May 22, 2010—big feats, considering they only debuted last October 2009.

With four official singles, two EPs, and now a 10-track Asian edition of their album Shock of the New Era featuring their trademark "rocktronic" sound with catchy hits "Shock" and "Bad Girl" under their belt, we won't be surprised if more and more people get on the beastly bandwagon soon.

But enough with the fluff; certified "B2uties," or official fans, already know that and more about their young idols. was lucky enough to sit in on B2ST's exclusive video press conference, where the super-hyper guys answered questions on their promo appearances, what they really think about each other, plus some hilarious outtakes (we caught Yo Seob singing Usher's "Oh My God" in reaction to the choppy reception when they thought we couldn't hear them), and, yes, we went there--if they would really date a fan. Read on:

Q: What band do you look up to and what can we expect from B2ST?

We like the band Shinwa in Korea because they have amazing teamwork, which is why they have been so popular for such a long time. We want to be like them.

Q: What is your edge over other K-Pop bands?

The fact that there are six of us in the group—all of us have different styles and characters, which differentiate us from other male groups. And we put in a lot of effort and participation in the production of our album; we hope one day all the effort will put B2ST up on a new level.

Q: Can you tell us how you all became a part of B2ST?

Cube Entertainment and the six of us had a notion that we would one day become a group—and today it became true!

Q: Can you share with us any funny or embarrassing experiences you've had during your performances?

One of the instances that we remember was when the wrong song came onstage. Another time was during the Dream Concert—it rained, and we fell onstage! But because the fans are always watching, we always try to do our best.

Q: What do you like about each other?

Hyun Seung: Du Jun is a good leader and is funny and smart.
Du Jun: Gi Kwang has a good built and is athletic and a good dancer.
Gi Kwang: Yo Seop is a good singer and is always bright and funny.
Yo Seop: Dong Woon is the youngest in the group, and he has big eyes and also has a good singing voice.
Dong Woon: Jun Hyung is a good member and has a lot of charisma onstage.
Jun Hyung: Hyun Seung always tries hard, is a smart guy, and is nice to have around.

Q: What's your ideal date?

Our ideal date would be the fans, especially the fans in the Philippines and Korea!

Q: Are there any funny stories from living in the dorm?

Now we live in a bigger house, but in the previous apartment that we used to share, we only had one bed. But now we always have fun together in the house.

Q: Du Jun, how was your previous experience in the Philippines? Do you have any stories to share to your group about the Philippines?

When I was in the Philippines (for the show Danbi), I visited far-flung places and everyone there was very friendly; the mangoes were delicious! I can't wait to taste them again with the members.

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