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This K-Pop Group's Song Went Viral After *Four Years* And Is Topping South Korea's Music Charts

Brave Girls' story is so, so moving, you'll instantly root for them.

We love a good success story, and believe us when we say this is one for the books.

K-pop girl group Brave Girls' super catchy single "Rollin'" is topping South Korea's music charts and online music streaming platforms like Melon, Genie, and FLO. To make the act's success even more amazing, the song actually went viral after *four* years. Whoa!

"Rollin'" was actually released in 2017 but only went viral in February 2021 after a netizen uploaded a music video of their performance for South Korea's military. Now, we know how crazy K-pop fans can get when they do their fan chants, but the soldiers in the video were pretty ~wild~. As of this posting, the video already has 11 million views. Wow. According to users' comments on the music video, the song has been passed down in the military, which is probably why a lot of people recognized it. They would even joke that it was number one on the "military Billboard charts."


Catching the public eye, Brave Girls has been bagging the number one award at music shows like Inkigayo (where they couldn't keep crying because they couldn't believe it), Show Champion, Music Bank, The Show, and M Countdown. The song even beat Shinee's "Don't Call Me" and "On The Ground" by BLACKPINK's Rose!

The group has also been guesting left and right on some big TV programs in South Korea. Suddenly, everyone wants them on their show!

Brave Girls actually debuted in 2011 under Brave Entertainment, which means they've been around for 10 years already. While Brave Girls enjoyed some initial success, their future songs didn't do so well on the charts, plus, the group went through some ~serious~ member changes. The current lineup as we know it today is comprised of Hong Eunji, Kim Minyoung, Nam Yujeong, and Lee Yuna. They released "Rollin'" in 2017, then would go on a three-year hiatus until 2020, releasing "We Ride" in August.

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“Now that our song has suddenly risen back on the charts and we’ve actually ranked number one, I feel both dumbfounded and overjoyed," said Yujeong in an interview with tvX. "It was our dream to chart on Melon, and I’m so emotional by this that I can only say that I’m grateful. We’ve promoted on music shows before, but we never got results as good as we wanted, so we had a lot of worries." 


"It’s fascinating to see that people are getting to know us little by little,” said Minyoung. “We want to continue working hard and think about how we can appeal to the general public.”

The rest, as they say, is history. We are so happy for you, Brave Girls! Congratulations! 

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