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I don't know about you guys, but I get so amused whenever a luxury brand reveals their newest endorsers, especially when it's a Korean star. It just goes to show that these celebs have the ability to promote
Glen Versoza’s performance videos will keep you coming back for more (and more)!
Like many K-pop fans, Glen Versoza, 21, started his love for the genre back when he was in high school. Girls' Generation and Apink were the first groups he stanned. He was drawn to the things we all adore about
Check out how they achieved their look!
How far are you willing to go for your K-pop idol? Some fans might buy all the merch their sweldo or spare allowance could afford. Some might even do a pilgrimage to music video filming sites. (Pre-pandemic, ofc!) Or, you
The choreo looks pretty savage.
ICYMI, BLACKPINK's Lisa is returning as a dance mentor for the third season of popular Chinese trainee survival show Youth With You! The show shared the announcement via their official twitter account on January 7, saying "The year of 2021
~Bet you wanna~ cop her style!
When it comes to K-fashion, we're always in awe of BLACKPINK's Rosé's impeccable sense of style! May it be a casual or elegant look, she always looks good in whatever she wears. Since we love
She's the newest face of Chum-Churum soju!
You can now add Chum-Churum, Lotte Chilsung's signature soju brand, to Jennie Kim's long list of endorsements. The brand's newest muse was officially announced on the first week of February 2021. BLACKPINK's main
It feels like we're seeing double!
In case you haven't noticed, blogger and spinning instructor Patricia Prieto has been giving us *major* BLACKPINK Lisa vibes on her Instagram posts. From her hair color, bangs, makeup looks, and even her outfits, we can't help but
Can we please have a collab?!
Hello, Blackjacks! We're back with more trivia about our favorite legendary K-pop girl group. You already know that they were supposed to debut with the group name Tsunami, now here's another thing you'll be surprised
~Really?~ Really!
Get ready, Blinks: BLACKPINK's Rosé will be performing her solo album title track in the group's online concert, THE SHOW, this Sunday!YG Entertainment revealed that Rosé personally requested to perform her new song at BLACKPINK's
You'll enjoy watching their vlogs!
Don't you just love it when you can see your favorite K-pop idols enjoying their lives outside of the spotlight? There's a great platform for that, and it's YouTube! Here, they can vlog about their
Congrats, kween!
To celebrate her 25th birthday, BLACKPINK's Jennie surprised Blinks from all over the world by launching her own YouTube channel, Jennierubyjane Official!On January 16, the K-pop idol uploaded her first vlog Hello world. From Jennie. She said that
Forever inspo!
When you scroll through Jennie Kim of BLACKPINK's Instagram, you'll notice that she has an affinity for ~fierce~ stage outfits. On days when she gets to rest, the 25-year-old main rapper and lead vocalist prefers to
You're so fine, Miss Jennie Kim!
We just love Jennie Kim's style, and we're not just talking about her dream girl fashion aesthetic. We're obsessed with her hairstyles! To be put it bluntly, whatever BLACKPINK's lead rapper does to her
She looks ~forever young~ in these pieces!
BLACKPINK is a phenomenal girl group for many reasons. Aside from their music, the girls are also known as fashion icons! Seriously, they're some of the best-dressed in the industry!Since it's our Jisoo's-who,
So, so pretty!
Aside from her sweet singing voice, one of the things we love about Rosé is her hair-she's one of our forever pegs! She's known for constantly changing up its hue, plus making it look pretty with waves,
We can't wait to copy these!
Jisoo of BLACKPINK may love to experiment with playful 'dos like pigtails, buns, and braids. But, she is always seen with classic hairstyles, aka 'dos that we can wear every day. She is the perfect inspo if you're
Have you seen Darren Chen's 'My Unicorn Girl?'
From fantasy dramas to light rom-coms to reality shows, IQIYI has been offering a lot of content this year! In no particular order, here are the most-watched C-dramas on the streaming platform. You might want to check them out
Which one's your fave?
Even if K-pop has been well-loved in the Philippines since the 2000s, there's no doubt an overwhelming number of new fans came to love K-pop in 2020 alone. I mean, we probably know at least five people
Aww, these two!
It's legit happening, BLINKS: BLACKPINK's Jisoo is really starring in her first leading role in a drama 'cause she just shared her first Snowdrop-related post on Instagram! The K-pop superstar mostly fills her feed with
Yup, Pinoys love being ~madrama~.
Google's Year In Search 2020 had some *pretty surprising* results when it comes to the most-searched songs and lyrics. Miley Cyrus' "When I Look At You" is at the top of the list! The song was released in