Bretman Rock Reading Thirst Tweets Will Make You Love Him Even More

'Does this contour scream DADDY to you?'
PHOTO: Instagram/bretmanrock

"Hey, bitch! It's Bret here—singer, songwriter, actor, actress, athlete, activist, a scientist on the motherfucking side, the star of the crystal of the dayayay, and a coconut water connoisseur." It'd be wrong to write about Bretman Rock without this iconic intro, lol. 

The first thing I saw on YouTube this morning was this BuzzFeed video of Bretman Rock reading thirst tweets, and for the record: Nothing you watch online today will top it. 

And if there's one thing you need to take away from this video, it's that he does *not* want to be called daddy. At xx:xx, he said, "Oh my god, I fucking hate that word. If you ever tweet 'daddy' and 'Bretman Rock' in one sentence, I'm reporting that tweet. Call me 'mommy' or something... you're gonna call this 'daddy'? I really put on makeup for two hours for you to call me 'daddy'? Does this contour scream 'daddy' to you?" He's got a point, you guys.

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