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Bretman Rock Shows Us How To 'Practice' Our Road Rage

*hits the horn 20 times*
PHOTO: Instagram/bretmanrock

"Do you ever practice your road rage? 'Cause I do."

Bretman Rock has done it again. He's looked inside our innermost thoughts, voiced them out, and created a video out of them. In an Instagram post on Wednesday, Bretman showed us how he wishes he could talk to others on the road (despite being a very good and polite driver). Scenarios includebut are not limited towhen other drivers pretend not to see you, when they drive super sloooooow, and when someone makes it seem like a minor accident's your fault. 

We may not have the guts to say these lines IRL (we don't want to fight, promise), but they might come in handy one day. *wink* Here are some road rage lines to cop from Bretman: 

  1. "You better NOT cut me off."
  2. "Do you not see my ass here, bitch?"
  3. "Out of all the times to follow the speed limit, you wanna follow the speed limit now?!" 

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  4. "Go, bitch, I already stopped." 

  5. "You better have insurance, bitch!"

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Also, if you need another dose of good vibes for today, here's a photo of Bretman's sister Princess Mae and niece Kleo at the beach:

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