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Brie Larson Sums Up EVERYTHING In One Bit Of Life Advice

The advice is marvelous, friends.
PHOTO: Instagram/brielarson

An entire Philippine contingent recently went to Singapore for the pre-screening of Captain Marvel. The group was composed of friends from the media, Marvel loyalists, and comic book fans. Part of the guests from the Philippine was the ever zany director Quark Henares

Quark was able to corner Brie Larson for a one-on-one interview for his column in The Philippine Star. And, in flash fashion, the comically quirky director caught Brief off-guard when he gave the actress 15 seconds to dole out her best life advice. Quark filmed and shared the candid moment on his Insta for all of us to gush over (oh em...she’s so adorable!). 

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And, there, Brie said it: Be yourself. “It’s like the most obvious thing and really is everything,” adds Captain Marvel herself. In this time of “best feet forward,” filters, and fakes, there’s wisdom and power in owning your own identity, acknowledging your reality, and letting your voice be heard. Authenticity in this day and age is wildly underserved but extremely necessary. 

Girl-power director Anna Boden echoed the same and said: “What is strength and how do you find your strength and what does it mean to be powerful? The person who is most powerful and most strong is the person who’s most themselves.” When we speak and live our truth, our individual skills, talents, and superpowers naturally shine. 

So, follow suit, girls. Take it from the ladies and wield your own marvelous power by being yourself. 

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