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Cara Delevingne: "I Was Completely Suicidal, I Didn't Want To Live Anymore"

Our favorite supermodel opens up about her struggle with depression.

Cara Delevingne is one of the world’s most recognizable supermodels. She has walked on every major runway, she is a muse to the one and only Karl Lagerfeld, she is the face of Burberry and has worked alongside model royalty, Kate Moss, she is best friends with mega superstars Kendall Jenner and Rihanna and she has recently shown us that she is a budding young actress, proving that she is not, in fact, just a pretty face. She literally has it all.

But her latest interview with Rupert Everett reveals that on the inside, she felt like she had nothing.

Cara has opened up about her struggle with depression since she was a teenager, with suicidal thoughts haunting her at times.

"I think I pushed myself so far that I got to the point where I had a mental breakdown. I got to the point where I went a bit mad. I was completely suicidal, I didn't want to live anymore," she said in the Q&A. "I thought that I was completely alone. I also realized how lucky I was, and what a wonderful family and wonderful friends I had, but that didn't matter. I wanted the world to swallow me up.​"

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Thankfully, she didn’t go down that path and was put into therapy and on to anti-depressants at the time.

By the time she was 17, she had decided she was going to become a model and drop out of school, and while her successes certainly didn’t come straight away they did come, with Delevingne eventually landing a huge Burberry campaign which propelled her into instant fame. All of a sudden she was being booked by huge designers and walking on all of the runways, but while her career strode forward, her inner demons remained the same.

"​In our culture we are told that if we are beautiful, if we are skinny, if we are successful, famous, if we fit in, if everyone loves us, that we'll be happy. But that's not entirely true," she said.

In her later years she says that yoga and learning how to say “no” have played a huge part in her staying healthy, both physically and mentally.

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She left us with an inspiring quote of her own that shows that she has clearly come a long way since her first bout of depression as a kid, saying “be comfortable in your own shoes, because you’re going to be in them for a while.” Wise words, Ms D.

We’re seriously hoping that this will encourage other sufferers of depression to speak openly about their own experiences and help to remove any stigma that is related to mental illnesses.

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