Check Out Carlo Aquino And Angelica Panganiban's Vacay Pics In Tokyo

And just like that, we have a new favorite squad.
PHOTO: Instagram/sarahchristophers

Even though it's official that Carlo Aquino and Angelica Panganiban are STILL not back together (guys, why?!), this doesn't stop us from getting all kilig whenever they post a new photo or when they get together with old friends. 

ICYMI, Carlo and Angelica were in Tokyo, Japan over the holidays. We also spotted other celebs with them so we're guessing CarGel reunited with old friends (and most likely made some new ones)! 

The pair recreated this iconic photo from their ~*younger*~ days with Ketchup Eusebio, Sarah Christophers, and Glaiza De Castro, who were all part of the '00s show Berks:

The group also dressed up for Halloween together! Their costume: The characters from Spanish television series Money Heist (also known as La Casa De Papel). Check out more of their photos in matching red jumpsuits and masks below: 

They also hung out at teamLab Planets TOKYO, a digital art museum with Khalil Ramos, Ryza Cenon, and Cholo Barretto. We really want to be part of this fun squad, please. 

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