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Here's What Chiz Escudero Thinks About Heart Evangelista's *Expenses*: 'You have to be happy with what you have'

Some wise words from the couple.
Chiz Escudero Comments On Wife Heart Evangelista's Expenses

Heart Evangelista and Chiz Escudero are back with another ~adulting~ vlog and they are spilling *everything* about topics like money, age gaps, and toxic family members. 

When asked if he was ever bothered by Heart's expenses, Chiz candidly responded, "Of course, just yesterday. OA kasi eh. Again, contentment. You have to be happy with what you have to be content. Hindi mauubusan ng bagong bag, relo, bracelet, damit, at gamit sa bahay. Palaging may lalabas niyan bukas, makalawa, next week, next month, or next year. Tantanan na, tigilan na. Hindi naman tayo nagkukulang. Tama naman."

The couple, who has a 16-year age gap, also talked about the pros and cons of having a big age difference with a partner. 

Heart shared, "I read the book Memoirs of a Geisha when I was really young. I don’t know if that messed me up in a way but I was always looking for somebody older than me that would kind of save me, like my knight and shining armor, from my troubles and tribulations in life. It just felt so good talking to someone who’s dignified and with gravitas and then I met you."


Chiz added, "In our case, you got to learn from my world and I got to learn from your world. As the saying goes, age should not matter kung kanino ka umibig."

Chiz also opened up mending his relationship with Heart's parents, saying, "I told you they are your parents. Kung ayaw man ako nung mga panahong iyon, hindi mo dapat ayaw sila. 'Yung kalaban ko, hindi mo naman kailangan kalaban lalo kung magulang mo because your life will be full of regret if something should happen to them."

“You mended ahead of time. Naalala mo nung biglang niyaya mo ako, sinabi ko, ‘Sigurado ka?’ I only had one condition, na as if nothing happened. Wala ng sorry kasi lipas na rin naman 'yon."

The two ended the vlog with a piece of advice for people dealing with *toxic* family members. 

Chiz said, "Get away from the chains. Learn how to handle your money and live life. Get away from the situation without necessarily fighting but it will come to that. You just simply have to stand your ground and hopefully, their love for you will have to overcome whatever disagreements they have about the way you think."

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"You also have to think about what they went through when they were younger and that's just a reaction of how they were brought up. It doesn't mean it's right. It also doesn't mean it's wrong. At the end of the day, all of that just means they love you so much," Heart added.

Heart and Chiz have been married for six years.

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