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Clint Bondad Reveals What REALLY Led To His Breakup With Catriona Gray

Did he tear up? Find out.
PHOTO: Instagram/clintbondad

Catriona Gray has had an extremely busy week because of her homecoming festivities here in the Philippines. She’s had to shuffle from courtesy calls to interviews, from parades to concerts. In truth though, her schedule has pretty much been as packed ever since she won the Miss Universe crown last December. We aren’t surprised. The entire universe rightly wants a piece of their crowned Miss.

While Catriona remains pro and smiley throughout, we’re well aware that all the glitz and fanfare have left a victim in its wake: her relationship with long-time boyfriend Clint Bondad. Catriona dropped the bomb about their breakup during an online interview segment on ABS-CBN, and since then, we’ve heard bits and pieces from both camps about what went down. 

The couple have remained consistent in their comments about their breakup, saying things like: “it’s mutual;” they’re “grateful for their time together;” and they “have the utmost respect” for one another. They’ve also constantly had only positive things to say about each other. 

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However, in this snap interview uploaded by TV5 entertainment journalist and anchor MJ Marfori, the breakup of Clint and Catriona gets a little more texture. We get a peek into what went wrong:

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So, it seems like the pressure of the limelight took a toll on their relationship. Clint didn’t take well to the constant spotlight on his ex: “One reason is I’m a little bit conscious... I see her and she’s surrounded by like 20, 30 people all the time, right?” Can you really blame him? Private time is next to impossible for a Miss Universe winner.

But, Clint was far from complaining. It was just a reality he understood he had to deal with, “I mean, I see that she sees my messages, but I know for a fact that she goes from shooting pictures to interview[s], and sponsors, to more talk, and more talk...”

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It isn’t like they weren’t ready for her eventual win either. Clint reveals that they talked about it all the time. “I kept on saying this is going to happen, she has it...she was the most prepared.... She worked really hard for it.” He adds: “She took both [competitions: Miss World Philippines 2016 and Miss Universe 2018] very seriously, but on this one, there [was] more to lose in a sense. She is so laser-focused.”

It was a challenge to keep a relationship amidst of all that pressure. Clint admits that “it’s a difficult thing to work on...[and] the trick is just to communicate.” And, communicate they did. All the time—or at least, when they could. But, sometimes, even effort and history aren’t enough to make things work out: “We talked about it a lot of times. It’s one of those things, like talking about having think you’re prepared for it, you buy stuff for them, you paint the room, but once you actually hold the’s real, it’s a different story.” Catriona’s Miss Universe win is Catriona’s baby, and her relationship with Clint had to be put on hold, so that she could make her dreams come true. 

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But, while the breakup is fresh and Clint seems like he’s still reeling from the aftermath, you can still sense his genuine fondness when he talks about Catriona. There’s a noticeable lilt in his voice, and his eyes almost light up (or tear?) when he recalls their meet-cute story: “We met in 2012 actually in Baguio in a tiny elevator. I was at a shoot, and she was the next person shooting for another campaign, and we met there. I said hi to her. She forgot about me later on, but it was fine. Then, I met her again later on at a casting. That was 2012, and we just dated...I thought she was cute and I loved her accent. She doesn’t have it anymore...nobody knows, but she used to talk very Aussie.” There’s tenderness in his voice as it trails off. 

At one point in the snap interview, Clint makes a light remark saying: “I make jokes to my brother all the time that I’m single for a year.” So, does that mean he’s looking forward to a reunion with Cat after her reign? Well, we’ll have to wait and see. 

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