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Clint Bondad Takes To Social Media To Clear Up ‘Tonight With Boy Abunda’ Interview

Clint says love can make you blind and do ‘dumb stuff.’

Clint Bondad took to Instagram to clear up a recent interview on Tonight With Boy Abunda. Clint posted not one, but two videos that included lengthy captions to explain his side about his relationship with former girlfriend Catriona Gray.

The actor said that the reason why he’s posting a video is because the interview “created more questions than salt” and cleared that “it has nothing to do with anyone, it’s just the format of the interview.”

When it comes to crown or love life, Clint called it a “trick question” and said that the answer is the crown. He said, “The career of a beauty queen is so different in many ways to that of other career paths and even more extreme than that of an actor or public figure.”

In clearing up the timeline of their breakup, Clint said, “It's correct that the relationship was over the way we used to have it before the coronation. But we didn't make it official in private until after the coronation. However, it was actually me who eventually and actively pushed to make it official.”

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In part two of the video, Clint explained who was responsible for the breakup. While he admitted that he and Catriona were “similar in many ways,” he said that they were polar opposites.

Clint went personal and said that he was “massively depressed for a long time,” blaming anything and everyone except their relationship. He added that his “protective personality and shielding of the relationship made me unable to see things clear and rational. It became counterproductive. Love truly can make you blind sometimes and make you do dumb stuff.”

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He continued by sharing that in the end, he felt like he was draining himself to the point that he became exhausted that there was very little of him left.

Finally, Clint said that in the end, what would have really broken his heart was “not seeing that crown on her head,” and that he is glad that “things happened the way they did.”

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