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Cole Sprouse And Lili Reinhart's Breakup Was 'Very Messy,' And Friends Knew It Was Coming

'Their lifestyles often clashed.'
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Still freaking out about Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart's recent breakup? First of all, in the immortal words of Taylor Swift, you need to calm down. But also, "sources" have come out of the woodwork to shed some light on the split—and what went down.

The Riverdale stars were together for two years, but a source tells People that "their friends didn't really expect them to last in the long run" because "at the end of the day, their personalities are very different and their lifestyles often clashed." On top of that, "things have felt super heavy in the relationship for a while, and it got to be too much. They're both very professional though and trying to be as amicable and friendly as possible."

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Lili and Cole definitely seemed friendly during Comic-Con, but a source tells E! News that they had a "very messy breakup." The good news? Despite keeping their distance at Comic-Con parties, the pair are "currently on much better terms" now than they were at the beginning of the summer. Lili even shared a jokey picture of herself sitting between Cole and KJ Apa right before news of the split broke:

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Lili and Cole haven't responded to news of their breakup on social media, and their cute couple-y pics are still up on Instagram. Plus, if you're a superfan clinging to hope that they'll work this out, good news: E!'s source said, "It seems [like] they could be heading back in the direction of getting together."

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