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Cosmo Online Hunk Eric Alessi: All-Natural Hottie

This month’s hunk likes his food green, his lifestyle active, and his ladies au naturel. Fall even more in love with this down-to-earth darling!
By now we know that May Online Hunk Eric Alessi is an Argentinian model/photographer with a serious case of wanderlust and an insatiable thirst for adventure. But just one look into those dark, penetrating peepers, and you know there’s a hell of a lot more to discover about this intriguing, irresistible character!

This week, we show you the flaxen-haired hunk communing with nature and giving in to a little boyish thrill with a trip down the zipline. But we also look beyond Eric’s lovely, wavy hair and sun-kissed skin to peel back more layers of his laid-back yet life-affirming personality. Read the interview below to find out how this guy keeps his mind at peace, his body healthy, and his feet firmly planted on the ground.

Want to keep this Latin looker in the palm of your hand? Keep reading to find out what kind of lady rocks his world (clue: she has to be “cowboy”). Boy, this hunk’s easy charm just keeps reeling us in!

What do you do to keep yourself fit?

To start, I’m pure vegetarian. That helps a lot. I don’t get any fat from anything. I’m still getting protein from eggs or milk. I don’t follow any diet. I work out. For the past month I really didn’t work out, so I know how I look in the pictures now. [But] I do yoga every morning; that helps a lot for all the lean muscles in the body. [It’s] much better than lifting weights. I do both ‘cause my job [requires] me to.

What sports are you into?

I did athletics and swimming when I was younger, [and] I did soccer. I was playing for River Plate back home—River Plate’s a really big team in Argentina—until [I was] 16 years old. And then I stopped to continue my studies. I’m from Argentina—we all play soccer!

Do you still get to play soccer now that you're in the Philippines?

From time to time I can find people here who want to play. I like to do rowing now ‘cause I live by the bay. I did [rowing] before, a long time ago. [With rowing,] you can build up a really good body. And at the same time, you wake up really early in the morning, you enjoy the day, and you do that with a group. See? I don’t always do everything alone (laughs).

Would you consider yourself a competitive kind of guy?

Not anymore. I used to be quite competitive. [But] life is simple. Why would you compete with somebody? We’re all one. There’s no reason to compete. There’s no reason even to [aim] so high. What happens is when you go high, other people are stuck down there. If you go too high you need to be careful with your ego and always try to balance it. I am in that process right now.

What other activities or interests are you into?

So far I’m really focusing on photography. I shoot fashion. But what I do when I go backpacking is I shoot portraits, people, kids, even landscapes, all in black and white. Now my interest is making an exhibition here. So in my free time I focus on that. The rest is meeting people and always trying to enjoy. I actually focus on the present.

Describe your dream girl.

I don’t really look for the perfect 10 in a woman anymore. I used to, but now I just find that she doesn’t need to be perfect in the face or in the body. I like if she’s an athletic girl, if she takes care of her body and health. But the face, I can’t really point [out] one thing [I like], because nothing amazes me as before anymore. Now I see the whole thing together—the personality, the sense of humor. She has to be sensual more than pretty. I find that much more interesting.

Which do you prefer, skinny girls or curvy girls?

Before, I used to like really curvy girls. The girls in my country are very curvy. But my ex from my country turned out to be really skinny. So now I’m attracted to really skinny ones, and also to curvy girls.

Which do you prefer on a girl, makeup or no makeup?

Natural. Much better.

If you were to plan a date, how would it go?

Date? I don’t like that word. In my country, we don’t have that word. We just go out or whatever. But I would say, for me, just an easy night, just dinner. Outdoors if possible, with no one else. Could be a mountain, could be a sea. A nice talk with a lot of laughing and a lot of interesting topics. I’d also like to have some sexy moments, some playing. That would be my perfect night, I guess.

Would you ever take a girl camping or backpacking? We know some girls are iffy about the outdoors.

I think it would be fine! With the right girl, it could be fine. You need to find a cool girl who’s into that as well. Not someone who’s like, “No, there are many insects!” For me, the simpler, the better.

Shot on location at Falcon Crest Resort, Brgy. Partida, Norzagaray, Bulacan. Visit Falcon Crest Resort on the web at For more information, contact 0917.7952119. Special thanks to Izzy Laluna and Gerald Falcon.

Board shorts from Quiksilver.

Grooming by Cats del Rosario
Styled by Jason Cruz
Representation by Joyce Ramirez of PR Asia
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