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Cosmo Online Hunk Gino Dela Pena: Your Dreamy Valentine

Pick up some V-Day dating tips from this hot commercial model and up-and-coming actor.

Still dateless on Valentine's Day? Or wondering about some conversation topics for your date? Whichever group you belong to this season, we know you'd love the "ideal" date we're bringing you: Gino Dela Pena. So, why don't you 'practice' on him?

You fell in love with him last week, so we're bringing you more of him in his second week as Online Hunk. Things seem to be going well for this young hottie's career. Aside from being a regular host on Q Channel 11's X-Life, he also hosts Unang Hirit every morning on GMA-7. At the moment, he's also preparing for a role in GMA-7's upcoming primetime telefantasya Magic Palayok (starring Geoff Eigenmann and Carla Abellana).

In this week's interview, find out what kind of girl he digs and how far he'd go to get a girl. He also dishes some V-day tips for single Cosmo girls! (Don't forget to click through his new kilig photo gallery!)

Describe your ideal girl.

Physically, I would really love it if she can take care of her body. Because, if you can’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone else; you can’t give what you don’t have. So if she can take care of herself, that would be great for her body, also. In terms of attitude, I guess [she has to be] humble. I [also] do hope that we share the same faith.

Do you have a fetish on something?

Feet. She should have really nice feet.

How w0uld you get a girl’s attention?

I never... Well, I don’t know. When I try [to get a girl's attention], it’s harder. But when I just be myself, I guess, really it’s when you’re relaxed, when you’re yourself, that’s how you really get a girl’s attention.

How do you show her you like her?

I give her everything. I think that’s one of the reasons why girls in general that I dated had a lot of fear because I was too serious, I was giving too much. Giving too much, giving all of me, I guess.

How would you ask her out?

Oh. (Laughs.) Really, I never really ask anyone for a date. All the girls that I dated started out as friends. And then eventually it developed. And from then on [we end up dating]... I guess it would be great if I could just take her out as friends. Because you know you don’t wanna make her feel uncomfortable in any circumstance. I guess just being friends, enjoying her company, and letting her enjoy you also at the same time. But if ever I was gonna ask someone for a date, it would probably be in public.

Describe your ideal date. Do you prefer it formal or casual?

Casual for me. You can be formal all you want, but you know, you’re going to be looking at the girl that you’re gonna be seeing for the rest of your life. You wanna see who she really is, what she is about. So, [I'd prefer to take her out on] the most informal event ever.

What would make you ask her out on a second date?

Um, I don’t know, I guess if she’s just herself.

What was the most memorable Valentine’s date you’ve ever had?

Good or bad? (Laughs.)

Well, you can tell us about the good one first.

Good? Well, I can remember [how] I brought her to one of [those places with] the karaoke boxes. I don’t sing, but that day I was just telling myself, "You know, I don’t care. I just wanna tell [her] how I feel about [her]." So, I sang her a song that was uh... (Laughs.)

What song?

(Thinks aloud.) What song was that again? It’s a song by Gary V. (Sings) I needed someone like you in my life. That one. Of course it was out of tune. (Laughs.) I can't sing! (Laughs.)

Now, tell us about the date that was memorable in a bad way.

Well, you know how it is when you prepare a lot of things. And you prepare a certain, you know, a worldly date--how you want it to be, the perfect setting, perfect table. So, everything was finally set, and what happened was everything went haywire. It wasn’t the girl or anyone. It was the situation that was going on. Like, the restaurant wasn’t functioning well, people that I called didn’t show up. So, there. It was messed up. (Laughs.)

A lot of single girls out there are hoping to snag a Valentine in time. What advice could you give them?

One thing with guys: they can really smell if a girl is pretending. So, just be yourself, whoever you are. If you’re someone who snores when you sleep, or, you know, [if you] do things that you think is not pleasing, you know, it’s fine. Because at the end of the day, guys always think that if they would really want to be with this girl, show it, show who you really are. And, you know, sincerity really counts in every relationship.

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