Cosmo Online Hunk Jiro Shirakawa: He'll Cook For You

This week, our February hunk continues to play the perfect boyfriend by toiling away in the kitchen!
You’ve seen Jiro Shirakawa become the dashing date and go on a gift-giving spree—fully clothed. Although he’s pretty cute with all those layers on, this week we’re making him take his shirt off, even if all he’ll do is toil away in the kitchen!

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but our February guy keeps up the good boyfriend act by whipping up a treat in the kitchen (even if he doesn’t know the first thing about cooking)! From last week’s interview, you know that Jiro is the type who won’t hesitate to lavish you with affection, be it in the form of a nice dinner or a certain sparkly object. This week, he tells us what else he has done—and what he would never do—in the name of love.

Watch for the 2009 Cosmo Bachelor on the boob tube in the coming weeks as he makes his TV debut in Your Song Presents: Gimik 2010. In the meantime, click through the photos to uncover this budding star for yourself!

Are there any household chores you like doing?

Wala. Hindi ako marunong magluto e. Hotdog lang (laughs).

If you were to cook for your girl, what meal would you prepare?

Hindi ako marunong magluto e! Siguro salad. Para madali (laughs).

But you’d be willing to learn to cook?

Oo. Gusto ko magluto, kaso walang magtuturo.

What’s one thing you would never do for a girl no matter how much you love her?

Magbitbit ng bag niya.

What do you think of those guys who do that?

Parang “under” masyado (laughs)! Pero ang hirap tanggihan minsan e!

So you do it!

Twice pa lang (laughs).

Can you share a romantic gesture you did for a girl that was overlooked or unappreciated?

My girl had a flight papuntang Boracay. Birthday niya nun. Sabi ko may emergency, puntahan niya ako dito [sa bahay]. ‘Di siya nakaabot sa flight niya. Pinapunta ko siya sa bahay kasi nag-prepare ako ng food; monthsary namin ‘yun e. Pero nagalit siya. ‘Yun lang daw pala ‘yun, pero sabi ko emergency.

Why did you do that?

Monthsary namin e! Nag-away kami pero umalis pa rin siya. Nagbayad na lang ng panibago. Na-appreciate naman niya bandang huli. Pero galit na galit nung pagdating niya (laughs).

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