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Cosmo Online Hunk Jose Sarasola: Your Main Course

Have your fill of our September hottie, as we tell you all about the stuff that really matters: what's in his heart.

And now we've reached the best part of our 'five-course meal' featuring sexy chef-entrepreneur-actor Jose Sarasola: the main course. In his third set of photos, he serves us two dishes he prepared himself: baked chicken (using his very own recipe!) and steamed fish. Members of the team were lucky enough to sample these dishes when we had lunch at Jose's place (where we also shot this set of photos).

On the first week, we gave you a little appetizer by divulging interesting facts about this mestizo cutie. On the second week, he dished some sound advice that single ladies could take to heart. This week, as our second to the last and probably meatiest treat for you, we dug deeper and got this Pinoy Fear Factor cutie (who took to the ramp at the Bachelor Bash!) to spill what's in his heart.

Jose shows his romantic side in the third part of his Cosmo interview. We asked him about his love life and his search for The One--yes, this  sweet stud is single and very much available, ladies!

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So help yourself to some meaty Jose facts and delight in our gallery. While you're at it, picture yourself being that special lady for whom he cooked this scrumptious dinner and to whom he served wine to complete a romantic dinner date--at his own place.

How many times have you been in love?

In love, wow. Uh, not too many.

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What's the most romantic gesture that you've ever done...or you're planning to do?

I think it was back in second year college. I surprised this girl with like a hundred roses I placed in her bedroom for Valentine's Day.

What's the most romantic thing a girl has ever done for you?

Wow. I think the one that stands out probably was the one where she baked me cookies and surprised me on my birthday. That was kinda romantic.

Name one thing you can give up for a girl.

Probably my gym and my sports. Two things actually.

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What kind of girl would you bring home to mom? When is the right time to introduce a girl to your parents?

I think [there should be a] getting-to-know process first. And eventually after that, maybe after a couple of months, you’ll know actually in heart and mind that this is the girl you can take home to your mom and family, to introduce her. But then, I always try to see also if the way she acts with me is the same way she acts with my friends, my family. That would be my basis to know that she’s ready to go to my house to meet my mom and dad.

Do you believe in long-term relationships?

Yeah, definitely. They have a saying nga, “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?” So if this relationship is working out really well and [there are] no problems and everything is going smoothly, then yeah--why not long-term relationships?

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Describe your idea of a romantic date.

Probably…I don’t know if it’s baduy, but siguro watch a PBA game, watch a Ginebra game. And then probably get some dinner after, then probably watch a movie in the late evening, last full show.

Would you cook for a girl to impress her?

I think girls like guys who cook e. I think ah, hindi ko sure, [but] sana. But then yeah, I think that girls would really like guys who cook because parang it’s a plus e. 'Cause usually guys now, I don’t think there are lot who know how to cook. So I think cooking is a help din.

What would you make her?

I’d make her probably any kind of pasta because I cook really good pasta. Any sauce she wants. And probably my rosemary chicken, baked rosemary chicken. Actually they’re both Italian food.

What kind of relationship would you want to be in? What's your ideal relationship?

Right now, I’m looking for a serious relationship. I’m turning 24, so I’m not getting any younger. The time of like, playtime and stuff like that, parang for me, it’s finished already. I want to find a girl who really, as you said, is for long-term relationships.

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Are you waiting for The One?

Yeah, since last year, after Fear Factor, it’s been really hard to date girls, kasi parang hindi mo na alam kung ano 'yung habol nila e. Like, before I was just a regular guy who would date someone and it will be like quits lang and he would know the ugali of the girl; she would know your ugali. But then now na I’m in the industry, parang you can’t just date any girl. 'Yun nga, you have to really think about it first and know her ugali.

But how would you know if she’s The One?

Ayun nga, siguro the getting-to-know stage would be a big factor talaga. Because then, that’s how you’ll know that she’s The One: if your mind and her mind have the same mentality. I don’t believe in that thing na parang “'pag pareho hindi nagtutugma” or what’s the term? I prefer that we think alike, in the same style. For me that works.

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Name one (or more) thing/s you think women should know about men.

I guess one would be that men feel guilty. I guess girls shouldn’t believe na 'yung guys wala ng paki after they break up or they leave you. Guys still tend to like hang around that area where the girl was and stuff like that, hoping to see the girl. And probably there would be some…a lot of guys are madrama rin e. May mga senti moments, stuff like that, feeling sad for themselves.

Watch for the last set of photos next Wednesday.

Styling by Kabbie Rodriguez
Grooming by Cats del Rosario
With reports from Trixie Reyna
Special thanks to Mhon Lures and Jose's mom for their assistance