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Cosmo Online Hunk Lucky Mercado: Campus Cutie

Find out what this celeb stud would find sexy in a college chick, and how he'd go about making his (unforgettable) first move.

We know college Cosmo chicks are ready to hit the books and strut the hallways in style--especially for your campus crushes. We're sure if Cosmo Online Hunk Lucky Mercado were your batchmate, he's a shoo-in for college heartthrob. This easy-going, fun-loving sweetheart amuses us this month with his witty sense of humor. The TV5 star and boyband member is an outspoken, friendly boy-next-door who's not afraid to approach a girl and make the first move.

We all wish there was a course on how to impress college hunks. But then again, that's what Cosmo is here for--we even ask hunks like Lucky to reveal what a stud like him would like girls to wear in the classroom, what convo topics would spark his interest, and what would make him take a second look at you in the hallway. He also proves to be smooth with words, with the way he handles unpredictable moments during his candid interview. Read on for this week's feature, and click through another set of swoon-worthy photos.

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What's something that would make you turn your head to look twice at a girl who passed you in the corridor?

Perfume. Siyempre, kahit hindi mo man siya makita, kung sa likod mo man siya dumaan, 'pag naamoy mo, iba pa rin 'yon. Nakaka-attract pa rin 'yung amoy ng babae 'pag talagang mabango e.

Are you drawn toward any schoolgirl stereotype? Like, the cheerleader, hot nerd, artist, musician?

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Hmm... Mas gusto ko 'yung sporty, 'yung athletic na girl. Kasi mas sexy kapag athletic, 'di ba? 'Yung build ng katawan niya iba e, parang may tindig 'pag sporty. So parang mas naa-attract ako sa mga ganung girl.

If two equally attractive girls walked into class, one in bright red lipstick and the other in subtle pink, who would you hit on and why?

Actually, magkaiba 'yan e. Gusto ko 'yung girl na walang makeup, tapos red lipstick lang. Pero gusto ko rin 'yung girl na light makeup lang at simple. Parang magkaiba siya e. Pero sa dalawa, siguro doon na lang ako sa light, kasi mas simple, mas maganda e. Mas nangingibabaw 'yung ganda 'pag simple lang.

Would you prefer a girl who came to a class party in a sexy dress and stilettos, or jeans and a tank top?

Kung nakikita ko lang, mas gusto ko 'yung
sexy dress. Pero kung kasama ko na, siyempre mas gusto ko na medyo conservative, para hindi masyadong mabastos. Kasi kasama ko e, nag-e-MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) ako, baka mapaaway ako. (He throws punches into the air.) Pak pak pak!

Would you ever pretend to like a subject you hate just to get close to a girl?

Parang hindi ko na-
experience 'yon. Pero siguro, oo, kung gusto ko talaga 'yung girl, 'di ba? Lahat naman gagawin mo, kung gusto mo 'yung isang tao. Talagang gagawin mo kahit ayaw mo, para lang mapalapit ka o 'yung...magkalapit kayo.

Fill in the blank: If you found out your female seatmate was interested in ______, you would fall for her on the spot.

Siguro sa
sports. Kahit anong sports. 'Yon talaga, mas gusto ko 'yung sporty na girl e, kasi sporty ako. So siguro 'pag nakasama ko siya sa mga sports, ganon, ['yun na.]

How would you begin a conversation with a girl you liked in school?

Actually, lahat pwede e. Pero meron akong laging ginagawa 'pag meron akong girl na nakikilala kahit na...alam mo 'yon, 'yung the usual na ako, 'pag nagpakilala ako.

For example, ikaw 'yung girl, "Hi, I'm Lucky, but you can call me tonight."  (Lucky laughs.)

'Di ba, 'di ba? 'Yung parang... Uy!
(Lucky nearly falls off his chair, then looks up--)

"See how I fell for you?" (Lucky laughs.) 'Di ba? Nakuha mo ba 'yon? 'Saka 'yung tipo na...

"Alam mo, sana naging halaman ka na lang. Para ako 'yung lupa, sa'kin ka lang pwedeng mabuhay.”

'Di ba? Ganun lang, simple lang pero...
cute. Akala mo nalaglag talaga ako? Hindi, part 'yon.

What do you think would make you an irresistible campus hottie?

Siguro…humor na lang. Maraming nagsasabi sa'kin, mga nakakasama ko, hindi raw sila nabo-bore, kasi nga, marami raw akong baon, ganon.

Stay tuned for more photos of Lucky and the third part of our interview with him next Wednesday.

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Shot on location at Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.
Special thanks to Ayala Land.

Outfit: Wifebeater, stylist's own. Polo, What A Girl Wants... For Her Man. Pants, Penshoppe.

Stylist: Camille Santiago

Makeup: Karen Santos
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Celebrity coordinator: Allan Altera
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