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Cosmo Online Hunk Luigi Celdran: Soccer Sweetheart

This smokin' Lasallian football player tells us what makes a girl instantly sexy for him and what he's learned about women. Plus, check out his hot gallery!

From De La Salle University to Ateneo de Manila University and University of Sto. Tomas, we now make our way back to the university at Taft Avenue to introduce you to our fourth and final college athlete featured as July Cosmo Online Hunk: Luigi Celdran. This Lasallian football player will kick a goal into your hearts, as you may have expected, thanks to little teasers we have of him: He's one of the many cute boys we spotted when we visited the DLSU campus and watched the DLSU vs. ADMU game in Araneta recently!

Luigi considers himself an "extremely busy man." This well-rounded 21-year-old is into his senior year as Behavioral Science major and is an assistant coach to the football team of The Singapore School Manila in Magallanes. Plus, he plays midfielder for DLSU's Green Booters.

But, you wouldn't think this curly-haired mestizo looker has such a hectic sched! He'll instantly strike you as someone who knows how to take it easy and breeze through life without breaking a sweat--except on the football field or when he's working out that hot bod' of his!


If you're looking for someone who's definitely boyfriend-material, Luigi will not disappoint you. He doesn't pay much attention to superficial traits like being fasyon and pretty, and instead looks for a girl with swag and confidence.

Read on to know more about this interesting cutie, and be sure to check out his photos on the field. If your goal is to make Luigi our Online Hunk for one whole month, be sure to click on his photo gallery as many times as you can!

What's your biggest motivation in football?

I think it would be the competition. Lately, football has been big in the country so you wouldn't want to be under everyone, right? So you would strive to be better than everyone.

What goes through your head right after you win a game?

When I win a game, I think about the next game immediately. I don't [let it] get into my head so I don't become mayabang or anything. I think in advance, so I just have to be ready for the next game.

Fill in the blank: If you weren't doing this sport, you'd be ___?

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I say, I'd be a nerd. I'd be studying for sure.

If you could get any female celebrity to be your personal muse at your games, who would she be and why?

I think it will be Anne Curtis. I follow her on Twitter, and I see everything; she seems so cute there. It's just that her personality seems so fun, cute, and clean.

What do boys really talk about in the locker room?

The big mystery! Well, actually, we talk about the game. Like, it's a re-run in the locker room; you talk about your mistakes in the field, what to do next. You fix your mistakes in the field, basically that's it.

What's something absolutely unique about you?

I guess I'm never sad.

What's the worst pick-up line you've used/heard?

I've never really used any.  Well, the worst [I've heard] must be "Nice legs, what time do they open?" Man, that's the worst I've heard, okay? In my life.


How 'bout the best?

The best? I don't know, I don't think pick-up lines really work.

Would you be more attracted to a girl who played your sport?

Well, not really. I don't think so.

Have you or would you ever fantasize about having sex on a football field?

Not really, but now that you've told me about it, maybe...

How far would you run for a girl you love?

To the moon and back, and back to the moon!

If you were to showcase just one part of your body in a TV commercial, what would it be?

I think my eyes.

What school rule have you broken?

Nothing really. But I think it's the ID thing. I keep leaving my ID at home. That's it.

What's the one thing you MUST do before you graduate?

Maybe, [I'd] run around the field naked, with the sprinklers on!

What's number one on your bucket list?

Everyone's like, "You should go sky-diving." Nah. Parang it's used na e. Maybe to watch a live football match. That would be beautiful.


Would you ever study a subject you really hate just to tutor a girl you like?

I guess so. I would sacrifice for a girl.

What's something that makes a girl instantly sexy?

How she brings herself. I don't really care about how she dresses or if she's pretty. I think it's her dating, how she brings herself.

What current trend do you wish girls would stop wearing?

Extremely short skirts. Right?

Pixie cut or mermaid hair?

Mermaid hair definitely.

What's the one thing you've discovered about women since your last relationship?

Women want you to run after them. They're like pahabol, and if you don't, you're just going to lose her, right?

First impressions--name the first thing that comes to mind when you hear these words:

Party girl:



: "Very painful."

"Legs. (Laughs.) Sorry, it just came out. First thing e!"

"Continuity, like, forever."


Chemistry: "The connection of the team!"


Whipped cream: "Body. (Laughs.) I'm sorry!"

Shot on location at Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.
Special thanks to Ayala Land.

Stylist: Camille Santiago

Makeup: Karen Santos
Sittings editor and additional reporting: Trixie Reyna
Celebrity coordinator: Allan Altera
Intern: Marianne Salazar

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