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Cosmo Online Hunk Mark Alejandro: Dream Shopping Partner

On his second week, we turn our featured stud into your uncomplaining arm candy, er, companion when you shop! View his hot photos.

Not a lot of men would want to go shopping with their girlfriends. They just don't get it. But, some men do. Our November Cosmo Online Hunk Mark Alejandro is one of them. Mark would not exactly call himself stylish, but his job as a model taught him how to appreciate fashion. He admitted that he shops alone because it actually takes him some time to choose what he wants (see, he's just like us women!). “I will go from one store to the next, then come back, and I'll think, 'Should I get this? Maybe not. I'll try it out,'” he shared.

On his first week, we turned Mark into your campus crush. This week, we're turning him into one of your other male fantasies: that of a hot shopping partner. Read his interview below to learn what he thinks of what women wear, women's shopping habits, and his ideal first date. Then, click through his photo gallery to see how he'll look while shopping with you--to help you visualize your own dream shopping partner!

Do you love hanging out at the mall?

I like to hang out in the mall by myself. I like to shop alone. I spend time choosing what I want, so it's better that I'm alone.

Do you enjoy shopping?

Yes, of course.

What do you normally do in the mall?

Shopping, maybe play some arcade games for fun--video games--and watch movies.

Who do you usually hang out with at the mall?

Well, if I'm in the mall to watch a movie, either I'll be with my cousins, my relatives, or I will be on a date. Unofficial date. (Laughs.)

Where do you usually shop? What brands do you go for?

I wouldn't have any specific brands. But I know this new one in the Philippines--Carbon, I think it is.

Would you ever go shopping with a girl?

Yeah, I would, but not too long, maybe. Maybe after one hour I would say like, "Let's go somewhere else. Let's have ice cream instead." I wouldn't do my shopping [with her], though. I would let her do her shopping, I will just follow along.

How far will you let a girl influence your style?

It has never happened. As long as she's got good taste, why not?

Describe your personal style.

I wouldn't say I have any particular style. I like street wear. Fancy.

What do you love about fashion?

It's all the different clothes, right? And...they have different cuts and they're being expressed by the designers. I'm impressed by how fashion designers express their art through clothes.

What clothes do you like seeing women wear?

Just casual wear. Jeans and t-shirts.

What fashion trends don't you get?

I don't like the backpacker style. You know the backpacker style? Like the washed-out t-shirts on guys and girls in general. Google it, backpackers, [to see] how they dress. You see them everywhere, you know.

What clothes do you wish girls would wear more often?

Sometimes you can see a lot of sexy outfits but it's just... It's just being sexy, you know, too much. Maybe you can be sexy in a more discreet way.

What would you consider sexy but not skanky?

An open-back dress. Well, there's a lot of open-type dresses.

Would you keep a girl from wearing sexy clothes?

No, I wouldn't. If she looks great, then why hide it, right?

Are you the type who would dictate his girl's outfits?

Dictate a girl? You can't do that kind of stuff. I'm not the jealous type or whatever. It depends on if it's too inappropriate for the place we're going. I would mention that maybe she should tone it down, maybe? But in general, no.

What outfit would you like a girl to wear on the first date?

[It depends on] where we are. If it's just at my place, just come as you want, be yourself. I like it when people are comfortable.

What makeup look do you find attractive on girls?

I just like the natural look. Shiny lips, a little bit of glitter, but not too much.

What assets do you want the girl to play up?

For me it's more on the personality. That's more important.

What assets would you like a girl to highlight through her clothes?

What is best on her, you know. If she's got nice legs, then show off your legs in a discreet, sensible manner. If you've got nice hands, add more jewelry.

Describe your idea of a perfect first date.

No silent moments. Walang anghel na dumaan, yeah. (Laughs.)

Where would you take the girl on your first date?

If she agrees to it, I would ask her to come over to my place; I would make dinner for her.

What dish would you make?

It would be a mix of Norwegian, Asian fusion, like that.

What would you do during the date?

What would I do...AFTER the dinner? (Laughs.) Just joking. What will we do? Like after the dinner and so forth? We will watch movies and have some wine, then take it from there, yeah.

Outfit: Polo, GAS. Pants and shoes, Forever 21 Men. Sunglasses, Ray Ban.

Shot on location in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Special thanks to Ayala Land.

Sittings editors: Trixie Reyna and Jico Joson
Makeup: Christine Rojas Lavina using Becca
Stylist: Camille Santiago
Intern: Darylle Mon-Alon

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