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Cosmo Online Hunk Mark Whittington: At Your Service

Need some help fixing stuff? You'll definitely get a generous FIX of gorgeous man candy this October, with this popular Bachelor as featured hunk.

When the 2010 Cosmo Men supplement came out last month, there was one Bachelor who stood out with his deliciously lean and athletic body, hypnotizing eyes, scruffy beard, and sexy tattoos all over. Everybody loves a bad boy (secretly or otherwise), and every chick loved 20-year-old Mark Whittington.

That mestizo who posed with an exotic bird is half-Filipino, half-British, but was born and raised in Australia (watch for behind-the-scenes footage of his shoot, and you'll fall in love with his sexy accent!). This budding model has attracted quite a number of projects since he came to the Philippines four months ago, and while we're quite sure his being part of Cosmo's 69 hottest this year definitely helped, we know it's really because of Mark's irresistible good looks.

So, as our 'service' to you this month, we're treating you to four weeks of yummy photos of Mark, who will fuel your secret fantasies involving a hot handyman! You will definitely love the visuals we have in store for you. In the meantime, get to know Mark a little better by reading the first part of our amusing Q&A with him.

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You joined the search for Cosmo’s 69 Bachelors. How did you feel when you got selected?

I tried out because my manager, Jing Monis, sent me to casting. I didn’t know anything about it, never heard of it before. And when I walked up [the stage], it actually [felt] quite extravagant. So that was good. I found out I got in, so I was like “Yeah! Really cool!” It’s the first big thing I’ve done in the country since I’ve been here. So yeah, it felt good.

How was it like for you after the Bachelor Bash and after the magazine came out? Have you been getting more attention from girls? Did it change you in any way?
Well, I don’t think I changed [in] any way. I’ve been getting a lot of attention from girls and guys, which is a surprise. After the show, [it] was pretty overwhelming. I was extremely tired, so I left kinda early. I just [had] a little party with some friends, just to talk about the show, how good it was, and so forth. But no, I haven’t changed over the year. The attention was pretty flattering. So yeah, it’s good.

How have these girls showered you with attention?
[They come up to me and say,] “Uh, hi! You’re so cute, you know gwapo, pogi. I’m so gigil!” (Laughs.) It’s funny. It’s good.

Have you ever been to the Philippines before coming here four months ago?
I’ve been here, many, many times before. I have family here, [so] I always travel and visit. So yeah, a few times.

How different is Sydney from Manila?
Very different. Very, very different. The people in Sydney, I would say [they’re] not as friendly. The people here are very friendly, very willing to help in everything you need. In terms of what you see, Manila’s like very, a very built up city where Sydney builds out. If that makes any sense. Uh, it’s very different.

What do you do? Are you working or studying?
I’m a professional model. In Australia, I was in sales. I did sales for factories. And before that, I was a professional bum (laughs). No. Yeah, just sales and modelling.

What do you mostly spend on with your earnings?
Uh, partying. I’d say partying, yeah. [And] food. I spend a lot of money on food. I try to buy new hats whenever I can. So far I’ve got one, I think (laughs). Yeah, just hanging out, having a good time with friends, traveling.

What is the one thing you’re passionate about?
Music. Very much. I’ve got too much tattoos that are dedicated to music.

What kind of music do you listen to?
I listen to a very big range of music. Metal, death metal, hard core, rock, punk, punk rock. Well, the kind of stuff that go classical. I’ve listened to a couple of things that I liked, like pop, country, R&B--a lot, everything.

Do you compose music or play any instrument?
I play guitar. But I can’t really read music, so I just make my own stuff up.

When did you start getting tattoos?
When I was 18.

Could you tell us what each of them mean?
It would take a while. I could tell you my favourite. I’ve got my mom’s name on my neck: Mila. I’ve got that ‘cause on tough times, she’s always kept my head on my shoulders. I’ve got three stars here that represent my deceased grandparents. I’m gonna get one more, because they’re all gone. And this one across my chest says “Melodia es eterna” which means “Melody is forever” [or] “Music is forever.” That’s about music, a heart with key holes through it, the blood drop turns into music notes. So the key to my heart is music. I got an angel with a tommy gun. I’m not gonna tell what that means (laughs).

How do you stay fit? Do you work out, do sports?
Uh, I eat rabbit food.

No (laughs). Well, just salad, fruits, vegetables, that kind of stuff. I try to work out as much as I can. And yeah, I just try to stay as healthy as possible.

What do you love most about the Philippines?
The food.

What dish do you like?
Beef tapa. Wow! Beef tapa with garlic rice, fried egg, and vinegar on the side. So good.

How do you reward yourself for your hard work?

Why doughnuts?
I love doughnuts!

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Doughnuts (laughs).

Do you have any vices?
I have smoked a couple of times, to lighten up, I guess. I don’t think sometimes before I speak, when I’m in public. So sometimes it might cause a little conflict. Yeah, but other than that I’m pretty perfect (laughs).

Styling by Kabbie Rodriguez
Makeup by Sheryl Songsong

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