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Cosmo Online Hunk Mark Whittington: Let Him Do The Dirty Work

Get the most of this hot Pinoy-Brit hunk who gave you butterflies as this month's HOT handyman. We've saved the best questions (and answers) for last.

We already know interesting bits of info about our October Online Hunk Mark Whittington: how he became a familiar face after he became one of the 69 Cosmo Bachelors this year, how he loves spontaneous and adventurous ladies, and how he would do crazy stuff just to get a girl’s attention. After three weeks of reading our amusing interview with him and clicking through loads of sexy photos of this hunky "handyman," we know you still can't get enough of him.

That is why for his fourth and final week as Online Hunk, we're giving you the juiciest parts of the interview--and another gallery filled with photos of your favorite Bachelor. We'll let him do the dirty work of revealing his sexiest secrets. We picked his brain on topics like having a one night stand, making love, and handling indecent proposals, among so many others. Read on for the full (uncensored) interview.

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What part of your body do you like to be kissed or touched?
My nipples always feel pretty good when they’re kissed or touched. And obviously, the genital region.

What’s the weirdest or craziest place you’ve had sex?
Craziest, I have to say, is on the top deck of a cruise ship, while the dudes were washing down the windows.

So they can see you?
Yeah. So like we're going at it, and these guys were just hosing next to us, and we're like, "Yeah! Go!"

What’s your favorite sex position?
I like it when a girl lays on her stomach, arches her back up a little bit. So if you can see, this is her head here, her back curves, arch, then her ass is here. It's not so much doggy style, but like a laid down version of it. There (laughs).

Have you ever been caught by anyone doing the deed?
A few times, yeah. A couple of times.

By whom?
Friends, family, pets.

How did your family react?
They walked in and went “oh!” and walked out. We just laughed and went on.

What’s your wildest sexual fantasy?
Wildest sexual fantasy... Okay: on a white water raft, right, going down the rapids, and then off a waterfall, while we’re at our climax. So the feeling [of] dropping [and the] 'ugh' kind of it [is] yeah, great, [a] good way.

What part of the woman’s body do you like the most?
Um, okay, you know the cave, yeah the boobs. Then underneath the boobs, when they have their bra on. So you take the bra off, and the boobs, they drop a little bit, obviously, 'cause they’ve gotten hold up. They drop a little bit, and that, like, line underneath it, yeah, that’s it.

I don’t know, it’s like, bang! Just ugh, ugh! You really judge a tit from there, like, mmm also. Obviously the genital region as well. Amazing (laughs).

What sex position would you like to try out?
Sex position I’d like to try out? Something I haven’t done... I have no idea. Oh okay, 69 while I’m standing up, the girl’s against the wall, right? And I’m holding her, so her calf to my shoulders. And you know, she’s doing the dig down there, and I’m doing the whole dig up here. But standing, her head’s down there, blood rushes to her head. Mad (laughs).

What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while doing it?
I haven’t really had that many embarrassing moments. Um, I’m pretty good. Yeah, I avoid embarrassment as much as possible. But if I have to say there was one embarrassing moment, uh, I came too quick. Yeah, that’s embarrassing for me. You get into this act and you start into three pumps, and then you’re done--not good.

Have you ever received an indecent proposal?
Um, yes. A few. I’ve had this guy message me on Facebook, and he said, “Would you like to earn 50 grand and free travel abroad?” I’m like, “Okay what’s the deal here? I’m just jumping into these constant things.” He wouldn’t tell me what it was. So I have to constantly ask him and drill him for the answer. He said “Free travel abroad, we pay for your accommodation, you get 50 grand (I don’t know if it’s pesos, dollars, whatever), but it’s a live sex show. Men to men.” Nah. And then he goes, “Just call me if you’re interested.” And I message back: I told him to eff off.

What do you think of having a one night stand?
I take it as immoral.

Have you had one?
I’ve had one.

Can you tell us about the experience?
No (laughs). I was drunk, couldn’t remember leaving the club, couldn’t remember being with anyone. And I woke up somewhere, about four hours from my home, next to four strange women. And I had to like, sneak, you know, [like] the whole movie scene--grab the sheets and run out. Yeah, did that, but with my clothes.

Do you think a one night stand can turn into a relationship?
Nooo... yeah, wow. No, yes? It really depends again. Everything depends. It’s a depending world (laughs).

Styling by Kabbie Rodriguez

Grooming by Sheryl Songsong
Special thanks to Allan Altera

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