Cosmo Online Hunk Markki Stroem: Summer City Boy

Because we saw how much you loved him (his gallery was top content last Wednesday!), we're treating you to 100 photos of him this week! Plus, a fun Q&A.

Even if you're staying within the city, we have our own ways of making this a memorable summer. One of those ways for us in Cosmo--and for you--is to check out sizzling photos of our April Online Hunk Markki Stroem, who's proving to be one of our most popular hotties!

A self-proclaimed beach bum, 23-year-old Markki prefers the bright, sunny weather over the chilly, cold season (and he can totally tell the difference, having lived in Switzerland and Norway). "I prefer summer. I like the sun. I’m a happy kind of guy and I like the beach, so summer is my month," he says. He's definitely a summer boy at heart, having that sweet, cheerful vibe that's so associated with the season--and that's guaranteed to make girls melt. From the time he sat down to have his makeup done for the shoot up to his really long interview, Markki kept the whole team engaged in his stories.

Summer is obviously Markki's fave topic, as he got excited about it during the interview. Though he confessed he’s workaholic, and would probably stay here in the city most of the summer for his showbiz engagements, Markki would make it a point to take a week off this month to meet his friends abroad. Read on for the rest of our chat with this Fil-Norwegian Pilipinas Got Talent finalist about his summer escapades, favorite summer spots, and why he loves the sun! And, like you need reminding, don't forget to check out his latest set of 100 photos!

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What kind of clothes do you like wearing during summer?

I wear board shorts, flip-flops, and [I'm ready to] go! That’s me. I’m a beach bum.

Do you prefer to get tanned or maintain your fair complexion?

Oh, tanned! Tanned is sexy.

How about for girls, which skin tone do you prefer?

Tanned. Dark skin is sexy.

Makeup or no makeup for girls?

No makeup, au naturel works.

What do you usually do during summer?

Go to the beach. I hang out, I mean, I don’t have to wear so many clothes, so many articles of clothing. Especially ‘cause when I was in Switzerland a while back, oh God, it was so cold over the winter that I had to wear five different layers of clothing and I couldn’t stand it. So summer is those months where I could like, relax, chill, by the lake, Monroe lake.

Where do you usually go during summer?

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Well, in the past I went to Norway, ‘cause my dad’s Norwegian. It was lot of fun, 'cause my family is from there, and my grandparents are there. So I used to fly over there, and really just relax at the beach, chill with my lola, my lolo. And it was a great experience. This summer, I’d like to go back, but [it's not the same as] our summer, their summer is different--it’s from May to August. So, I’ll spend summer here, and then I’ll go spend summer again over there. That’s how much I love summer, huh? (Laughs.)

What do you like to do during summer in Europe?

I swim. I used to do triathlon with my dad, I’m a triathlon fanatic.

Do you play any other sport?

Basically I swim, bike, run, I play a little bit of football, soccer with my brothers once in a while, basketball a bit.

What are some of your favorite beach spots?

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Boracay, Ilocos, Tali, we have a place in Infanta, Quezon which is also really nice, Dakak, Palawan. Beautiful Palawan!

How often do you hit the beach?

I hit the beach at least five times a year. Whether the beach or the lake in Zurich and Geneva, Monroe lake when I was in Switzerland. I always make it a point to go to the lake and just relax with friends even if it’s freezing cold.

What are some of your favorite vacation spots overseas?

Staniford, that’s in Norway, that’s my hometown basically in Norway. Boracay [is overseas for me when I'm in Norway]. Phuket, Bali, Morocco--I love Morocco--Marrakesh. I’d like to go to Chile, South Africa, the Maldives, there are a lot in mind. Ah, Croatia, I’d love to go to Croatia, Egypt.

With whom do you usually tour the world?

Alone. No. When I was in college, there were times when I told my friends, “Hey guys, wanna come with me to like, example, Amsterdam, or Milan, wherever, for the weekend.” They’d usually say, “I have work, I have work.” “Come on, you can do it on the train.” So I went alone, on a lot of trips, but I like going on trips also with friends--we went on road trips back in Europe. And here, I’m actually going to Bali with friends, and I’m gonna meet friends from college. It’s gonna be a fusion of my amigos.

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Who do you usually hang out with more during summer--family or friends? Why?

It depends. If I go to Norway, I hang out with my family. But this summer, this Philippine summer, I’ll probably be with my friends because this is my first independent summer. Last year, I was still living with my family. Now I’m living alone.

Are you planning to work more this summer or just relax?

I’m a workaholic. So I’ll probably work more. But, I’m taking one week this April to go out to Bali and just enjoy the company of my college friends. They’re over there now doing really well in the hotel industry in Indonesia, so I’m gonna go visit them, see how it works.

Do you have any summer goals or resolutions?

Summer resolutions. I’d like to hit the gym more often, to get that summer bod, you know, that everyone wants. You don’t wanna go to the beach and like, not be comfortable. I always like to stay healthy 'cause that’s what my parents taught me; my dad’s a triathlete, my mom’s a dancer. “Health is wealth,” my lola says.

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Shot on location at Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati.
Special thanks to Ayala Land.

Stylist: Camille Santiago
Makeup: Cats del Rosario
Sittings editor: Trixie Reyna
Special thanks to Allan Altera

Outfit: Beige cardigan from Penshoppe, jeans, shorts, brown cardigan all from WAGW... For Her Man

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