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Cosmo Online Hunk Miguel Villafuerte: Fun, Fearless Male

A good singing voice is one of the things Miguel likes in a girl. Does he have a particular girl in mind? Learn the real score in Miguel's dating life.

Cosmo has named 10 Fun Fearless Female Awardees in the magazine, yet online, we'd like to recognize one fun, fearless male: May Online Hunk Miguel Villafuerte. With so many things on this 22-year-old's plate, he proves that age is not a prerequisite for success.

This Political Science student in LA balances university life with business (he manages clothing brand Republ1c with his brother), wakeboarding (he's an international champion wakeboarder) and other sports, and politics, which runs in his family (he comes from the Villafuerte political clan in Camarines Sur). What more can you ask for? He most certainly has the brains and talent to go with his irresistible moreno good looks (he's a dead ringer for matinee idol Jericho Rosales).

After telling us about his passion for wakeboarding (which, he says, "changed my life physically, mentally, and socially") and summer in Manila, Migz cozies up to Cosmo and opens up on things we've been dying to know about: Is he single? What kind of girl does he like? And, is he or is he not courting Sarah Geronimo? Read on to find out what would make Miguel ask a girl to be his girlfriend.

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Are you single, dating, or in a relationship?

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Right now I’m single.

How many girlfriends have you had?

I’ve had two girlfriends.

What exactly do you look for in a girl?

First of all, I look for the personality, and then the face, and then the family values, morals, stuff like that. I’m not superficial.

What turns you off in a woman?

I don’t like clingy women.

Does having a wonderful singing voice one of the things that will make a woman attractive to you?

Yeah, of course. That’s good, I like that. Especially when I want to sleep, she can sing for me (laughs).

So, let us cut to the chase: Are you really courting Sarah Geronimo?

First of all, I want to be friends with her, like magpakilala and makipagkaibigan. And then, let’s see from there.

Have you two ever gone out on a date?

Not yet. I want to meet her first.

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You mean you haven't even met her yet?

Yeah (laughs).

What will make you say a woman is girlfriend-material?

I like good family values, good morals. Someone who's not clingy, [who gives] me my own time ‘cause I’m gonna give her her own time also. And I want her liking the things that I like, like wakeboarding, staying active, and working.

Watch for more photos of Migz and the last part of our interview with him next Wednesday.

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