Cosmo Online Hunk Mike Tan: The Committed Boyfriend

This week, our September Online Hunk gets mushy as he shares his thoughts on the subject of love and relationships.

Mike Tan has all the qualities of a perfect boyfriend: he's sweet, thoughtful, malambing, and 100% commited. He openly talked to us about his long-term relationship with his girlfriend of six years (sorry, ladies--he's already spoken for!) and shares some kilig stories and love advice that would make you wish you were her. 

Find out what qualities this down-to-earth stud looks for in a serious relationship, the girlfriend moves that would melt his heart, and the best love advice he's ever received.

Would you date someone completely different from you?

Yeah. My girlfriend is the complete opposite of me.

How do you make it work? So you believe that opposites attract?

'Yun nga 'yung sinasabi ko sa kanya
; different polarities attract.

How long have you been with your girlfriend?

Six years and five months.

Where did you guys meet?

Church. She was the lector and I was the altar server. We were in Grade 5. It’s a very, very long story. Ako 'yung first boyfriend niya; second girlfriend ko siya. Naging kami na nung showbiz na ako, so it’s been very long.

So you guys were friends ever since elementary?

No, not really. Hindi kami nagpapansinan. Kaya nga sabi ko kanina, she wouldn’t know [if I like a girl]. Until now, kung kelan lang naging kami, 'yun lang.

So far, what's your most memorable date?

Maybe our Antipolo dates, sa Cloud 9. Me and my girlfriend always go there. Doon niya ako sinagot at doon rin kami parating nagde-date.

Did you plan those dates?

No, it just happened. Nothing special.

If you were single, would you date anyone from showbiz?

Yeah I will, of course (laughs).

What would make you go from liking a girl to wanting to be in a serious relationship with her?

Once you feel something. 'Pag nalaman mo na siya pala 'yung gusto mo. Usually naman friends muna kayo and then makikipag-usap kayo ng matagal at malalaman mo ang lahat ng ugali niya tapos iisipin mo, “yeah, siya yung gusto ko.” Ako kasi hindi ako tatalon sa isang relasyon na hindi ako sigurado. Lagi ako sa long-term relationship. Hindi ako 'yung, “I just want to try it.” Hindi ako ganun sa relationship. But when it comes to work I just keep trying and trying and trying.

What would make a girl girlfriend material?

Aside from mahal niya ako? Hmm.. ang hirap sagutin ang tanong. For me when you love someone, you’ll accept anything and everything that she does. As long as you love her, wala kang pakialam sa iba, am I right?

What would you say is the best way to a guy’s heart?

Just be sweet. Asikasuhin mo lang ako. I’m a very simple guy. Give me food, text me from time to time, update me, and hug me.

How do you show your affection or make lambing?

Sometimes sasabihin ko sa kanya, “let’s go out, tagal na nating hindi nagde-date.” Or we cuddle. As much as possible gagawin ko 'yung buhay niya mas madali kaysa sa normal. Ayoko 'yung may problema siya. I’ll help her hangga’t kaya ko.

Have you ever have your heart broken?

Yes! Just once, by my first girlfriend.

How did you deal with that?

Honestly, I don’t know. It was really hard and painful. First heartbreak pero okay na naman kami, we get to talk whenever it’s possible. Lumipas lang yung oras. You need to move on. It was really hard though.

What’s the best relationship advice you ever received?

From my current girlfriend. She told me to just be transparent.

Outfit: Top from HE by Mango, jeans from Hang Ten.

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