Cosmo Online Hunk Paul Jake Castillo: On Moving On And Being Friends With Exes

This PBB cutie talks about how to turn over a new leaf in your love life.

Even while our Online Hunk Paul Jake Castillo was inside the Pinoy Big Brother house, he was already open about his relationship status. But soon after his exit from PBB, Paul Jake had to deal with giving up much of his--and his then-girlfriend's--privacy. The past two weeks, we already asked him about himself and his takes on dating and courtship. This time, we get a little more up-close and personal, as we ask Paul Jake a few serious questions about how he relates with his ex-girlfriends, the complications that come with being in showbiz, and the lessons he learned from his most recent relationship.

When was  your last relationship?

My last relationship ended last year (2010).

Do you think you've moved on?

Yes. We're still friends, I'm still close with her family. She's outside of the country now. We're still good friends.

I only had three girlfriends, and silang tatlo, tig-three years 'yun. And there's nothing anyone can do or say to manipulate me para matanggal 'yung tatlong babaeng 'yun [sa buhay ko]. They'll always be there, they'll always be part of my life. So, yeah, we're still friends.

While you were still with your girlfriend, you once mentioned that you were worried about showbiz affecting your relationship. Was that what eventually happened?

When I said that, yeah, it was true. Ang daming fans na, they want me paired up with this girl, they want me paired up with that girl. 'Yung relationship namin [before PBB] was out in the public, pero no one cared. And then bigla na lang, everyone cares. And then when I got out of the house, I was with my girlfriend, parang, people who want me paired up with other girls sent her hate mails, edited her photo, edited her out [of our photos taken] when we were outside of the country, pinalitan 'yung picture niya. [She's not really] physically kawawa, pero emotionally kawawa [siya].

Is there anything you wish you could've done differently to save the relationship?

'Yung mga ginawa ng ibang tao, 'yung mga nag-send ng hate mails, we accepted that. That's out of our control, wala naman kaming magawa. Well, if, 'yun ang buhay nila, e 'di wala tayong magagawa.

What's the most important lesson you learned from your last relationship?

[You should have] trust, communication, and time--time to be together, and time apart.

How would you describe yourself as a boyfriend?

(Smiles.) Sinabi ng tatlong ex-girlfriend ko, I'm a bad boyfriend, but a good friend.

Why do you think they said so?

E kasi barkadista ako e. I love my friends. And, I go out of my way to help them, to do stuff for them. Pero, extra-special naman 'yung girlfriend 'di ba? That's always something more [important]. That's why I said na always have time apart, have time for each other. 'Cause, 'di ba, [hindi naman maganda] 'pag palagi mong kasama?

Do you think you're ready to fall in love and be in a relationship again?

No. Pero you know, it's nice to have someone na, when you're not doing anything, she's just there. Pero parang unfair, 'di ba, para sa babae? Especially when you're out for work, doing something else... what's she gonna do? When you get home, sleep ka lang? Pero it [would be] nice to be in a relationship again. I miss it.

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Shot on location in Newport Mall, Resorts World.
Special thanks to Tinay Magtira and Karen Sta. Maria of Megaworld.

Stylist: Kabbie Rodriguez
Makeup: Telay Robles
Sittings Editor: Trixie Reyna
Special thanks to Allan Altera

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