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Cosmo Online Hunk PJ Go: Boy Talk With A Guy's Guy

Our September stud lets you in on what men talk about among themselves and how important it is for a girl to win over her man's barkada. Plus, more hot photos!

September isn't just the season for swooning over MEN but also for getting to know them. We're constantly looking for ways to decode dudes, yet sometimes, even meticulous observation is not enough. So, when we got to interview this month's smokin' and well-spoken Cosmo Online Hunk PJ Go, we dared to get the man-truths straight out of the stud's mouth.

This week, we got him to spill about what goes on during his time with the guys--and just how important his barkada is when it comes to his relationship. From PJ's uninhibited answers, you're sure to pick up loads of fresh male input. Be sure to check out his gallery this week, which shows him engaging in a fave male activity: hitting the gym! You'll wish he's your gym bud!

What do you and your buddies usually talk about when girls aren't around?

Girls! Kung sino'ng mga nakilala, old girlfriends... Boy talk pa rin. Mga kalokohan, siyempre.

What's the best way to a guy's heart?

Cooking is the best. 'Yung favorite ko adobo, Bicol express, spicy food, lalo na pagkatapos ko'ng mag-gym, dadalhan ka ng pagkain.

Do you and your friends "rate" women passing by when you're hanging out? Who would you consider a "10"?

Siguro grabe na 'yon. Siguro artista na 'yon! Anne Curtis! Ten 'yung parang lahat andun na. Mga eight, normal lang. Ako kasi, siguro I'll give a 10 'pag 'yung babae normal lang manamit, pero when she talks mapapatingin ka na hindi mo siya tatantanan, iba 'yung dating.

At what point would you introduce a girl to your best friends?

Siguro 'pag gusto ko na siyang maging girlfriend ko. Ayaw ko naman kasing ipakilala 'yung babae na siyempre alam ng guy friends ko na may iba rin ako. Alam mo na awkward e, kawawa naman 'yung girl.

If your friends don't like the girl, would you dump her? Why?

I'll stop seeing the girl. Kasi mahirap 'yon. Friends mo kasi ang laging kasama, so kung ayaw nila sa girlfriend mo, 'di naman pwedeng mamili ka. Mahirap ipilit 'yung girlfriend mo sa kaibigan mo, ang awkward e. Paano kayo lalabas? Sila dapat ang tutulong sa'yo 'pag may problema kayo.

What's something you think women should just accept about all men?

Normal lang sa guys na 'pag may dumaan na magandang babae, kahit gaano kaganda ang girlfriend niya, lilingon at lilingon. Boys are boys.

On the other hand, what's a common misconception about men that you'd want to set straight?

Siguro 'yung [hindi kami] responsible. 'Pag sinabi mong "Guys--magulo 'yan," depende rin sa experience ng life mo kung magiging responsible or irresponsible ka.

What's something you wish girls would stop doing?

Shopping, i-lessen 'yung shopping. Lahat yata ng babae shopaholic! (Laughs.) 'Pag may nakitang heels parang it's a must na bibilhin mo, pero hindi, 'di ba?

What would guys consider the defining trait of a good girlfriend?

Siguro 'yung laging nandyan at susuportahan ka sa kahit anong gagawin mo.

Shot on location at Marriott Hotel, Newport City Complex, Pasay City

Stylist: Donna Cuna Pita
Makeup: Catherine Del Rosario
Sittings editor and additional reporting: Trixie Reyna
Celebrity coordinator: Allan Altera
Intern: Darylle Mon-Alon

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