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Cosmo Online Hunk Renzie Ongkiko: Decoded

As Cosmo celebrates body love this month, we got our August hunk to clue us in on male body language and what men love about women. The bonus: you'll love his body!

Renzie Ongkiko is not necessarily a new hunk on the block. This 21-year-old hottie has been modeling since high school, and recently got his biggest break when he emerged the winner of the Century Tuna Superbods 2010 contest.

Yes, this Superbod certainly has the body that would make you swoon! This is why he's the perfect hunk for August, which, to Cosmo, is the month of beauty and body love. Click through Renzie's first batch of photos, and you'll certainly fall in love with that body! (Just imagine the rest of the pics we have in store for you this month!)

And since we're all talking about the body anyway, we thought we'd do something special for our Cosmo Online Hunk this month. We asked him to demonstrate for us the various sleeping positions and body language of men--and Cosmopolitan will help you decode what they mean!

But we'll reserve that for the next three weeks. For his first week, just allow Renzie to tell us more about him first, in the following Q&A.

Q: Why did you join the Superbods contest?
A: I joined Superbods because I think it’s a good way of promoting a healthy lifestyle. I think I'll inspire more people. It’s a good medium to inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle.

Q: What do you think made you win?
A: I think my lifestyle made me win; my attitude as well, because I incorporate exercise into my everyday life. I go to the gym almost everyday. I always see to it that I have regular exercise. I eat healthy. I drink but occasionally--just occasionally--and I don’t smoke. And I love living a healthy lifestyle. It’s natural for me. I don’t have to try hard to make the people see I live a healthy lifestyle when I joined Century Tuna Superbods. That’s what I think made me win.

Q: What are the hardest parts of the competition for you?
A: Um…for me, there was really no hard part in the competition. I just enjoyed it. I went there. I enjoyed meeting new people. I enjoyed answering their questions. I enjoyed everything.

Q: Have you had modeling jobs before joining Century Tuna Superbods?
A: Yes.

Q: Have you always wanted to be a model or an artista…?
A: Not really. What I want to be is a TV host. Like a sports TV host. There you go. Like Marc Nelson. I like his job so that’s what I’m aiming for. I think modeling will give me good exposure for me to reach that level--for me to be a good sports host someday.

Q: Why that particular job? Why a sports TV host?
A: I think because I’m addicted to sports. I always do sports. When I was in college, I did two sports at the same time. I represented my school in dragon boat rowing and in flag football. I love sports and I love modeling as well so it’s like a combination of doing things that I love. Before, I was hosting a sports TV show in MTV; I didn't feel like I was working. I felt like I was getting paid for doing the things that I love which is doing sports and also modeling at the same time. I don’t feel like it’s work for me so that’s where I want to be.

Q: So what are your plans now? What are you doing now in particular?
A: Right now I’m a full time model. I graduated last year with a degree in Mass Media from De La Salle. And right now, I’m just focusing on getting into a TV station. I’m trying to land a good hosting job. Hopefully things will end well for me.

Q: When did you start modeling?
A: First year high school.

Q: So has it helped you with the girls?
A: Um…yes, it did. It’s a good way of making yourself noticed by people. I started modeling when I was in first year high school and I got my first project when I was in fourth year. When I got my first project, it’s like everyone you know wants to say hi to you, like “Hey, I saw you in this commercial.” It felt good. It feels good.

Q: Has your life changed in any way since Superbods? Did it bring in more projects?
A: Yeah. I think Superbods gave me good exposure. I’m getting more [projects] now compared to before but I think I still have a long way to go. A super long way to go.

Q: What keeps you busy these days aside from VTRs and auditions?
A: I work out. And family time.

Q: Do you still live with your parents?
A: Yes but I’m planning to move out soon that’s why I’m working really hard right now to be able to support myself fully.

Q: Ok, now, let’s get to the juicy part. Are you single or in a relationship?
A: It’s complicated. Yeah, I have to be honest to you guys. It’s complicated.

Q: Are you the type who falls easily or does it take you a long time to fall for someone?
A: I think it depends on the girl. I can fall in love fast or easily if she does something out of the ordinary. But with falling in love…I usually give it time. It still depends on the girl.

Q: How will a girl be able to tell if you’re into her?
A: If I’m into her? I give her special attention. I always look for her. I always ask her what she does. I always try to spend time with her. I adjust my schedules for her. I try to surprise her. I really make an effort to be with her.

Shot on location at Casa Ibiza in Antipolo. Special thanks to Fitz Pabalan.
Styling by Liz Anne Bautista
Grooming by Sam Unson-Gallardo

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