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Cosmo Online Hunk Victor Silayan: Chick Magnet

Things heat up as our Online Hunk spills some sexy secrets! See for yourself why ladies love Victor by checking out this week's photos.

Victor Silayan won't let the rain dampen your summer just yet--he's set to make the rest of May even hotter for you!

When the erstwhile Steamy Summer Stud made his comeback as Online Hunk last week, Cosmo girls couldn't help but swoon (us included!). Through last week's interview, Victor proved that he's more than just a handsome face and a hot physique--he's a real guy with a good head on his shoulders.

Turns out Cosmo chicks aren't the only ones who've been charmed silly by this rising young star. Victor reveals that girls boldly come up to him all the time. Who can blame them?

This week, Victor gets even more intimate with Cosmo as he dishes his two cents on skanky chicks, whether he's a boob guy or a butt guy, and how he's been known to steal a kiss from a girl he just met!

When you walk along the beach, are you comfortable going topless in public?

I’m comfortable if I know my body's worth flaunting. So ang ginagawa ko is nagjo-jogging muna ako sa shore. Let’s say I go to Boracay. I’d jog the whole stretch, from station one to station three. Tapos mag-Frisbee kami ng friends ko, and then that’s when I remove my shirt and then ayun. May kanya-kanyang style 'yun.

Where is your favorite summer destination?

I guess it would also be the beach. Pero I don’t really swim. I’m really [in it] more for the ambiance. It’s just really peaceful.

What's the nicest beach you’ve been to?

Well, I haven’t been to Donsol but I know it’s really good there. Actually, halos pare-pareho sa akin e. It depends. It’s really the company and the scene [that's important to me].

If you were to take a girl somewhere for summer break, where would it be?

There’s a spot I know which I usually pass by going to tapings. It’s a spot in Lemery, Tagaytay. At night, it’s really nicer because it’s cool tapos parang sa movies, mag-stopover ka lang and you see the whole view of Tagaytay. It’s really nice kapag clear 'yung sky. After that, just have a couple of drinks.

Is it a romantic place?

Yeah, and it’s really a nice place for a heart-to-heart talk, something serious naman. Kasi here [at the beach], it’s all play.

What kinds of summer outfits do you love seeing on girls?

Something loose. 'Yung parang beach wear. [For] bikinis, usually two-piece. Also, a white V-neck shirt. 'Yung really loose lang tapos medyo see-through. Tapos naka-bikini sa ilalim.

They say guys are into skanky girls. Is that true?

Well, it depends on the guy. Siguro 'pag for fun, skanky girl ang gusto mo. Pero 'pag serious, hindi.

But for you?

Gusto ko 'yung good girl type.

What’s the first thing you notice in a girl wearing a bikini?

Una 'yung mata niya. Siyempre kasi kapag nahuli ka niyang nakatingin sa boobs niya, nako! Kung bad girl 'yan, okay lang.

What if you’re wearing shades?

Mata tapos lips. 'Yan 'yung sexy sa babae. Masarap, juicy. Maraming may gusto ng juicy lips (laughs). Tapos malaman-laman pa. 'Yung tamang taba. Ayoko sa sobrang skinny. Hindi naman voluptuous. 'Yung may laman.

What are the things that attract you to a girl?

Mas naa-attract ako 'pag cute 'yung girl, 'yung very charming. 'Pag nag-smile, tapos 'yung naggi-giggle-giggle, 'yung hindi maingay tumawa kasi nakakairita 'yung ganoon.

Was there ever an instance that a girl hit on you, let’s say, in a bar?

Actually yeah. I don’t want to brag about it, pero marami.

They go up to you?

Oo, nagugulat nga ako baliktad ngayon eh.

What do they usually say whenever they go up to you?

They say hi or magpapa-cute. Tapos ako naman kakagat ako. Siyempre may hawak na drinks 'yan, bibigyan ka ng drinks. Kunin mo na (laughs). Nagulat nga ako kasi sila pa 'yung bumibili ng drinks. Ang alam ko [dapat] baliktad eh. Basta clean fun and you know where to put yourself. Alam mo 'yung limits mo.

Kung gumaganun sila sa 'yo, makisama ka na lang. Wag ka naman KJ (killjoy) or baduy. Ang loser mo naman 'pag hindi mo pinansin, ang feeling pogi mo naman 'pag 'di ka kakagat. Pero 'wag 'yung all the way na ite-take advantage mo 'yung girl dahil ganyan siya. May respect ka pa rin sa sarili mo and para sa kanya.

If you were to choose between a girl who has small boobs and a big butt or a girl who has big boobs with a small butt, which one would you prefer?

Mas sa legs ako eh.

Say nice legs aren't among the options. Given the two choices, which one would you choose?

Siguro big boobs.

Ever kissed a random person and then walked away? 

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Meron pero on occasions na sobrang lasing na talaga ako. Kasi 'di ko normally gagawin 'yun.

These girls, are they random strangers?

Hindi. 'Yung mga nangyari sa akin mga nakilala ko eh. For example, I met this girl, kaibigan siya ng kaibigan ko, and then at the end of the night, we ended up kissing sa car. And then after, we [stayed] friends. 

What type of lover are you?

I’m really passionate. But I've got to be honest. Hindi ako sweet. Siguro how I’ll treat the girl na lang, that’s how I’ll show na I’m really into her. Pero hindi 'yung I’ll plan events for you, maglalagay ako ng banner, ganyan.

Do you like to party or do you prefer just chilling with your friends?

It depends on the mood. As of now, kasi vacation, gusto ko chill lang. Pero kunwari galing kang taping, gusto mong party kasi tutok na tutok 'yung utak mo sa taping. Puro routine eh, taping tapos pupunta ka sa school, mag-aaral.

How do you define chill?

Not in a club. Pupunta ako sa lounge area. Siguro sa beach house tapos 'yung steady lang talaga. And then wine. I’m not a beer person e. I used to drink a lot of beer pero hindi na.

Is it easier to meet girls now that you’re a celebrity? Is it an advantage to you now?

Feeling ko disadvantage e. Kasi sasabihin naman ng babae, "Ang feeling naman nito." So ginagawa ko, 'di ko na lang kinukuwento.

How do you get a girl notice you?

Inaayos ko hair ko (laughs). Siguro mag-smile lang ako sa kanya.

Do you think it’s an instant turn-on?

Hindi ko alam e, pero it works (laughs). 'Yung friendly lang talaga. 'Yung normal na gagawin mo sa isang tao. Hindi 'yung awkward. 

Do you use pick up lines? If so, what’s your signature pick-up line?

Siguro 'pag mangti-trip lang ako. Kunwari kasama ko mga friends ko. Pang patawa lang, kasi gusto ng mga babae humor over pretty boys. 'Pag humor talaga madadala 'yung babae.

Outfit: White button down polo, Folded and Hung. Pants, Details.

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Watch for Victor's Week 3 photos and interview on May 16, 2012, Wednesday!

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