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Cosmo Online Hunk Victor Silayan: On Romance And Relationships

The sexy hunk gets serious as he dishes his insights on relationships and flings. Be charmed by his refreshing candor this week!

If there's one topic that makes men clam up, it would be relationships. No man wants to earn a rep as the dude who loves chick flicks and cries at sunsets, so they would rather leave all the sentimental talk to the ladies.

But our Cosmo Online Hunk Victor Silayan thinks otherwise, which delights us to no end! The budding young actor didn't hold back in sharing the insights he gained from his first--and only--relationship and his eventual flings. With every personal question we fired, the Online Hunk replied with a refreshing candor that made us like him even more.

Find out why Victor thinks it's better to be friends with an ex, why he'd rather date a non-showbiz chick, and how long his previous relationship lasted (clue: he's a long-term lover) by reading the interview below. While you're at it, be charmed by our beachside hunk by browsing through this week's batch of photos.

What’s your relationship status?

Single [and] ready to mingle (laughs).

For the summer?

For the rest of the year (laughs).

When was the last time you had a girlfriend?

Last year. January 8 nag-break kami. First girlfriend ko.

When you broke up with your girl, did you regret it?

No. I made that decision for many reasons. And we talked about it. The only thing that I miss, not regret, is the friendship.

Why? Aren't you friends anymore?

You can’t be friends with your ex eh. It’s hard. Siguro in three years, five years, [you can be]. They say, to recover from a breakup, it takes half of how long you’ve been together. Like kami six years, so sinasabi nila na [it will take] three years.

We tried to be friends. I tried to treat her right. Pero impossible kasi. Nandoon pa rin 'yung feelings niya, and ako rin. [I would think,] "What if she was still my girlfriend?"

Which do you prefer, a showbiz or a non-showbiz girlfriend?


What are the usual advantages or disadvantages to dating a girl from showbiz?

Kunwari showbiz dinate mo, 'yung iba habol [lang] nila pangpaangat ng career nila. Kumbaga, hindi mo alam kung totoo. And ang daming pogi diyan e na kalaban mo. And it’s easy for them to just switch. Mas gusto ko katotohanan e, ayoko ng plastic.

Are you the jealous type?

Hindi naman super, pero nagseselos ako. [It] depends. Ako kasi 'pag naiintindihan ko 'yung situation, okay lang. Pero kunwari, kahit naiintindihan ko tapos andun parin, sinasabihan ko 'yung girlfriend ko. Siya 'yung mag-a-adjust.

Is it easier to forgive or forget?

I can easily forgive. Mahirap kasi mag-forget kasi magpa-pile up lang 'yun. Tapos 'pag sumabog ka, magkakagulo lang 'yun. Mas okay pag-usapan.

Can men and women ever be just friends?

[It] depends talaga sa intention mo e. Kasi I have one barkada. They’re all girls. And then sometimes kasama ko isa-isa. Every girl is special to me. If I try hitting on [one], masisira 'yung friendship [namin] if ayaw niya. And ayoko masira 'yung mga friendship ko e. I don’t want to complicate things.

How do you know when you're in love?

Kunwari, there’s this girl na gusto ko, siya na. I’d go for the kill. I’d go crazy for that girl.

Let’s say you’re taken. Would you consider flirting with other girls?

Hindi. Pero the point is, if it complicates things, masama siya.

Are you okay with a girlfriend to be friends with an ex?

For me, it’s a must, not a choice. Kung kaya naman mag-usap, sige. Pero it takes a long time. Kami [ng ex ko], we tried it. In the end, nasaktan ulit ako, na hindi puwede. I have to respect her din. Pero on my part, after thinking about it, [I thought to myself,] 'Akala ko ba okay na?' So in the end, I understand [that] it can’t happen yet. Pero hopefully in the future.

Do you believe in friends with benefits?

Well, it can happen.

Have you ever had one?

It happened once when [a friend and I] were both drunk (laughs). It just happened once and we were just friends about it. We won’t talk about it. We would take it maturely na it’s not a big deal, although it happened.

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Have you ever had a secret affair?

Yeah, after my previous relationship.


No, as in dating lang.

Why keep it a secret?

Well, it’s not that I want to keep it a secret. Gusto ko lang very discreet. I’m very discreet about things that happen because you know people talk a lot and I don’t want to [complicate things]. So just to avoid it, I won’t talk about it.

Was there ever a time when you dated a girl who was already attached?


Have you ever hit on a girl you knew had a boyfriend?

No. Pero naisip ko parang, 'Sayang naman, mas guwapo pa 'ko sa boyfriend niya,' (laughs).

Outfit: White button down polo, Folded and Hung. Pants, Details.

Watch for Victor's Week 4 photos and interview on May 23, 2012, Wednesday!

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