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Cosmo Online Hunks David & Anthony Semerad: Campus Charmers

This June, we're giving you not one, but two fresh-faced hotties to feast your eyes on! Read all about twin brothers and San Beda basketball players David and Anthony Semerad.

It's back-to-school season, ladies! If there's one thing we know you'll be sharpening your radar for, it's new eye candy to get you excited to hit the campus each day. And who better to gaze at than some of the hottest college athletes around?

This June, we're giving you a treat--no, make that a double treat! We're heating up rainy June with our featured Cosmo Online Hunks, twin brothers David and Anthony Semerad! Both 6'5" tall, muscular, and equally scorching, the half-Filipino, half-Czech twins melt us with their identical picture-perfect smiles!

You first spotted these twin hunks back in 2011 when they judged the Miss Earth 2011 pageant. In February 2012, for the Pinoy Big Brother Double Trouble Twist, they actually pretended to be housemates swapped from Big Brother Czech! Now, they're the lean, mean additions to San Beda's basketball team.

We sat down with the babelicious bros and asked them what brought them to our shores. Listen in as the twins ham it up during their interview, and launch the gallery to see them in their doubly gorgeous glory!

What made you decide to take up college here in the Philippines?

Anthony: It [was] for basketball and to study.

David: We wanted to go to the States but we would be in different colleges.

Anthony: So we thought why don't we come to the Philippines and play together? 

David: And here we are.

Anthony: The rest is history!

What course are you taking up right now?

David: Right now, our course is Management Marketing.

Anthony: Since I was a kid, I really wanted to be in the business side, in property, so it was really destiny when we came here and that was being offered.

How are you liking life in the Philippines so far, versus life in Australia?

David & Anthony: I’m speechless! (both laugh and give each other a high five)

David: It's amazing. Different to Australia, but I'm having a lot of fun here. It's more fun here in the Philippines.

David: More fun in the Philippines!

More fun like how?

Anthony: The basketball is great here, the fans, [and] the support. In Australia, you don’t really get that so if we're playing [back] in Australia, we're going to miss that a lot. So I guess we're very lucky that we're here. 

Did you ever think you’d get famous or enter showbiz?

David: No, just regular.

Anthony: It wasn't expected. We just came here to play basketball, study and to just be a regular college student. But I guess if you work hard, things happen.

You said the fans here are very supportive. What’s the craziest thing a fan has done for you?

David: This girl wanted my autograph. She gave me [a] textile pen. Then I asked, 'Where do you want it?' And then she just lifted up her chest! I didn’t want to do it on her chest. I did it on the side. 

Of course, she had a shirt on.

David: She had the shirt on but it was a low v-neck. So yeah, I was in shock!

How does it feel that you're in demand models and basketball players?

Anthony: It feels good. You put in a lot of work when you were young, and then...

David: You bear the fruits later.

Anthony: You travel, you end up in the Philippines, and people wanting you to play and see you, it's a good feeling that yes you've worked hard.

David: And you keep playing.

You've been playing basketball since eight years old. Who are your idols?

David: For me, growing up, I had this seven-foot poster of Karl Malone that I got when I just started playing. It was on my wall.

Anthony: It was his inspiration.

David: And I would just look at it every night, think, 'I just want to be like him'. And my style of game just started to pick up.

Anthony: Mine would have to be...

David: Scottie Pippen?

Anthony: No, Magic Johnson. I was just a kid. I found it at a garage sale. [They were] videos, and I would put them on, watching every game, championship games. Looking at [those] just gave me the inspiration to play. Just worked hard every day, trained, so I could be as good as him.

Is there a trait about your twin that you’re absolutely jealous of?

Anthony: I think you're jealous of my smile, right, Dave?

David: (laughs) I'm not jealous of your smile.

Anthony: Diba, kanina, you told me?

David: I think Anthony sometimes gets a little bit jealous of this beautiful body that I have here.

Anthony: Okay, okay, I'll let you have that one. One pack? (laughs)

Besides basketball, what interests or hobbies do you have in common?

David: Fishing! Camping and fishing.

Do you still get to do that here?

David: We actually haven’t gone fishing yet. Every Christmas. When we go back to Australia for vacation, we'll go on fishing trips, spend every day fishing. Back here, not really, because we're busy training every day, school, so it's hard to go fishing here.

How can people physically tell you apart?

David: well, as you can see Anthony has a freckle right here (points at area below Anthony's left eye). (Both laugh)

Anthony: I guess the physique. David is a bit bigger and I'm a bit slimmer. [Also] the posture and what not.

David: [My hair's] scruffier.

Anthony. I'm a bit more guwapo than David. (laughs)

Do you ever still play switcheroo with one another?

Anthony: Yes, we have, a number of times in front of our teacher in class. 

David: (Pointing at Anthony) He always wanted to deal with the girls. Always change the clothes, right? (laughs)

What’s the biggest prank you’ve played on somebody?

David: Switching clothes. We [would] switch clothes and trick other people.

Anthony: They'd say, 'Oh no, you're Anthony!' and I’ll be like, 'I’m david' and just play around. 

Is it true that twins share a special connection? Like, if something happens to the other twin, the other twin feels it or thinks the same thing?

David: (Jokingly grabs hold of Anthony) Wait, I'm feeling something! I'm not feeling anything right now.

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Anthony: But it is true, in some cases, definitely, someone will ask us a question or anything and we'll straight away answer the same [at the] same exact moment, and we'll be thinking...

David: Or if I get hurt, two weeks later he gets hurt.

Anthony: Yeah, I can feel it. 

David: Yeah, he can feel the pain. 

Anthony: It's true. 

David: On and off, though. 

Anthony: But I guess, when we were much younger...

David: Because we were really close.

Anthony: You could feel it, but as you grow up, and we go our separate ways, it starts to...

David: Wear off. The power. (jokes)

What’s the greatest thing about being a twin?

David: You've got a best friend.

Anthony: 'Hey kid, you want to go to the movies?' or 'You want to grab dinner?'

David: And if we go somewhere to meet our other friends, we're still together!

Anthony: It's like having a nonstop friend, someone there for you. If you're down, when you're happy, when you're in love, everything! 

What’s the worst thing about being a twin?

David: When you just want to be alone sometimes. He's just always there! 'Can you get away?' (jokes to Anthony)

Anthony: But it's good, though. 

What are your immediate plans right now? At least for the year.

Anthony: To just keep working hard on basketball, continue our studies. We just want to continue what we're doing and improve our game. [We're] really concentrating on basketball right now.

What are the five most important things in your life right now?

David: Going to the gym. 

Anthony: Got to keep to our program.

David: Diet. And focus. Just keep focusing on the things that we need to do.

Anthony: We have to keep focused on our goal, on what we want to get. It's going to come slowly but surely. 

Who’s older again?

David: Ako, by five minutes.

Outfit: Shirt, both from Levi's. Pants, both from Regatta.

Watch for next week's feature on Cosmo Online Hunk David Semerad on June 13, 2012, Wednesday!

Shot on location at Royal Palm Residences, located at Acacia Estate, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines (Near Bonifacio Global City). Contact them through mobile: (+63917)859-7926, landline:(02)211-1579, or e-mail: Visit their website,, for more info. 

Sittings editors: CJ de los Santos and Jico Joson

Stylist: Camille Santiago

Grooming: Cats del Rosario

Celebrity Coordinator: Allan Altera

Interviewer: Stephanie F. Esguerra

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