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Cosmo Playlist: October's 11 Hot Picks

What songs are you listening to now? Load your iPod or music player with our picks for the month. You're sure to find at least one fave!

For October, we're spinning memories. Some songs are new, but the voices certainly haven't changed a bit, i.e. Belle & Sebastian's melancholic pop pipes. In cases where the singers are relatively new, their stories keep to the artists' signature lyrical thread, i.e. Taylor Swift sweetly rehashing unresolved issues with her exes (calling all gals with ex-boyfriend issues!).

Get ready to sigh and brood because whether the artist is as old as John Lennon (he would have been 70 this month, can you believe it?) or as young and fresh as Selena Gomez (finally 18 this year!), you'll conclude after browsing through our October music selection that time does fly by so fast without you knowing it.

Note how we categorized this month's Cosmo's picks into songs, artists, and albums. Don't you sometimes find that you can like a whole album yet not be able to name one favorite song from it? Or how you pick one song from a tracklist but easily discard the rest of the CD? Well, that's why.

Click on the song titles for a quick listen. Tell us what you think of our song picks when you comment below. Oh, and we'd love to find out what's on your current personal playlist! Start sharing, ladies!

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