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Cosmo Top 10: Bitterness-Free Break Up Songs

You don't always have to be angsty about a lost love, especially during the Love Month. Here's our playlist to get you through.

Yes, we totally get it. The sight of couples holding hands everywhere or girls carrying enormous bouquets of flowers on Valentine's Day wasn't an easy sight for those of you who are nursing a broken heart. But, there's nothing like emotion-laden heartbreak songs to purge your loneliness and get you through catharsis as you sing your broken heart out, right?

So, Cosmo carefully picked out 10 breakup songs from the past decade that you could possibly relate to. Yes, someone else out there knows exactly how you're feeling, they even wrote songs about it!

We're veering from breakup staples like "One Last Cry," "Before I Let You Go," or even "All By Myself" a la Bridget Jones. Since it's still the Love Month, we also tried to veer from angst-ridden songs like Cee Lo Green's "Fuck You" or any other bitter song for that matter. The last thing you would want to be after a really bad breakup is bitter and filled with regrets.

Go ahead, click through our gallery, and listen to each track by clicking on the link after each item. After your FINAL emo moment with these songs on the background, we hope you are able to see the light of your fabulous life, waiting for you to move on and live it out fully.

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