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Dani Barretto To Bashers: 'What happened to being kind to one another?'

The vlogger tweets her frustrations amidst the issue about her relationship with estranged dad, Kier Legaspi.

In the past few days, we found out about Dani Barretto’s relationship with estranged dad, Kier Legaspion her vlog and heard from Kier on Instagram. Dani said they haven’t spoken in six years and that she has come to terms with their non-relationship. “I guess when you’re apart for so long and you grow up, you just feel like… you’re okay without them.”

Reacting to her vlog, Kier reached out to her and shared his side of the story on Instagram. “I don't really say much about our relationship because I am certain that both of us know the truth… I'm here, I will always be here. Bata ka pa lang, lagi na kitang hinahabol. You don't know what I had to do just to see you.”

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Her vlog and his IG post went viral and people started commenting, with some bashers crossing the line. Dani didn’t directly refer to the issue but tweeted, “Ang dami niyong sinasabi, wala naman kayong alam. Heck, ni hindi ko nga kayo kilala e.”

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The vlogger and content creator acknowledged that social media is a big part of her life, but pushed for more kindness online.

On her vlog, where she talks about the issue starting at the 16:09 mark, she says, “You really can’t judge how I feel or how I see things because we’re not in the same situation. If you are and you reacted in a different way, I don’t know, magkaiba tayo. We all handle pain differently.” 

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