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WATCH: Dani Barretto And Xavi Panlilio Share Baby Millie's Birth Story In Their Latest Vlog

The new parents share the personal moments leading to Baby Millie's arrival.
PHOTO: Instagram/danibarretto

Xavi Panlilio and Dani Barretto are definitely basking in the glow of first-time parenthood.

The couple just uploaded their vlog on giving birth to their daughter, Camilla Marguerite B. Panlilio, otherwise known as Baby Millie. Dani gave birth to Millie on the morning of September 13, 2019. Their last video upload was three weeks ago.

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"My heart and soul in one picture," said Dani in her very first IG post after Millie's arrival.

In the vlog, Xavi and Dani share the personal moments leading up to Millie's delivery, including the crazy string of car-related mishaps before Xavi and Dani got to the hospital. like how they had to change cars and their vehicle getting bumped from behind. 

We also get to see Marjorie Barretto, Julia Barretto, and Claudia Barretto, who arrive after a grueling three hours of being stuck in traffic. You have to see Julia and Claudia joke about how they're going to make Millie come out sooner!

In the next few clips, Xavi and Dani are already proud new parents going through the challenging but fulfilling first few days of integrating taking care of a baby into their daily routine. 

"She didn't give me a hard time but she did scare me," Dani replied to Xavi, who asked her what giving birth felt like. "But at the end of the day, she's a fighter. I'm so glad. I'm
so happy." 

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Dani and Xavi announced they were expecting in June. In July, they revealed they were having a girl.

Watch Xavi and Dani's birth story vlog here: