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Daniel Matsunaga Reloaded: 7 Facts About The Hot Brapanese

We know you miss our 2009 Centerfolds. So we bring you one of the most gorgeous men ever to grace our pages.
Daniel Matsunaga was a name almost virtually unheard of in the Philippines… until he appeared naked behind a poker table in the 2009 Cosmomen supplement. And as he ripped off his jumpsuit while marching down the runway at the Cosmo Bachelor Bash, anyone present that night could tell that this young man was going to go places.

Get to know Daniel even better by reading through seven facts about him, and click on the gallery button to see scenes from his uber-hot Cosmo Centerfold shoot!

1. Like many Brazilian babes and hotties, Daniel came to the Philippines to model.

"I came here because I heard that there’s a good market for acting. There are better opportunities for models. The market is open for commercials and better jobs than some other countries in Asia and Europe. I heard it’s a really good market."

2. He is three-fourths Brazilian and one-fourth Japanese.

"My mom is Brazilian and my dad is half[-Brazilian]. So I’m a quarter Japanese, but I’ve never been [to Japan]. My grandparents were born in Japan, but they moved to Brazil [when they] were kids. Even my father has never been to Japan."

3. He has been everywhere to do modeling.

"I’ve been to Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Holland, LA, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Indonesia... everywhere!"

4. He has an older sister, Vanessa, who's also a model and with whom he frequently travels for work.

"She’s here also modeling. Sometimes we do have to travel separately because of the market and because of the agencies. Sometimes we have different contracts, so we have to separate."

5. He played professional football in Hong Kong...

"I’ve been playing football since I was four years old in Brazil. I was playing just in normal teams in there. But when I went to Hong Kong, I [tried out] for some pro teams there, and I passed. I [played] there for one year."

6. …But for now, he’s sticking to modeling.

"Modeling [comes] first, ‘cause I’m trying to do acting later. I’m learning Tagalog. I’m taking lessons. Football is just a second option if it doesn’t happen."

7. He’s humble about his popularity among the females.

"[The craziest thing girls have done] is just shout and ask for my autograph. But I don’t really know if I’m one of those [famous] guys yet because I just started."

Find out what this international model thinks of the Philippines in this CosmoTV exclusive!

Photo by Dr. Marlon Pecjo 68
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