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Daniel Padilla *Might* Be Starring In A New Film By 'Dead Kids' Director Mikhail Red

Please make this happen!

It's been sooo long since we saw Daniel Padilla on the big screen, so it's such great news to hear that there's a possibility he might star in a film by Mikhail Red! In an "Ask Me On Twitter" sesh, one Daniel fan asked Mikhail, "I'm so excited for Quantum Suicide! When will the shoot start and when will it premiere? I hear DJP will be your main lead for the story? Is it true?"

Get this: The director did NOT answer directly, but he DID retweet the question with a hand covering a blushing face emoji! So there's basically a 50 percent chance that this collab is happening. 

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Mikhail's latest projects include Dead Kids, the first Netflix Original Filipino film, and Block Z, a zombie movie starring Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto that will hit theaters in January 2020. Quantum Suicide is going to be a "parallel universe, science fiction, and romance film" and will be a joint production between Japan and the Philippines.  

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