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Cosmo Online Hunk David Semerad: The Candid College Hottie

One half of the hottest twin model-athletes in town, David Semerad clues us in on his idea of sexy, his flirting style, and his most unforgettable date.

Last week, we made you squeal when we unveiled our sizzling June duo, Cosmo Online Hunks David and Anthony Semerad. With their tall, muscular build, easy sense of humor, and uber-adorable accents, the Fil-Czech, Australian-raised brothers had us instantly charmed!

Today, we get up close and personal with the older (by five minutes) twin, David Semerad, who stars in a TV commercial for a popular sports drink, and is set to represent San Beda College once again in the NCAA Basketball Championship.

The 6'5" stunner reveals what kind of girls catch his eye, his experiences with romantic rejection (we couldn't believe it, too!), and what his most memorable date was like. 

Want to learn more about this college looker? Check out our interview with David below and launch the gallery to check out crush-worthy photos from his shoot!

What’s the first thing you notice in a girl?

Definitely the looks. Nice long hair, a fresh look, but at the end of the day it would have to be the personality that would capture my attention. 

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What clothes do you find sexy on a girl? 

Any style, really. [She should] look fresh. No particular style. Something that catches my attention.

What about unflattering clothes on a girl?

Too much makeup plastered on, and you can't see their true colors. It's like deceiving, right? 

So you like the more natural look?

Natural, but of course, just a little makeup to make them glow. But not the plaster! (laughs)

What's your flirting style? Do you ever use pick-up lines?

Well, if  I do like someone, I'd probably just joke around a lot. Or just a lot of eye contact and maybe a couple of winks (laughs), but that’s about it.

Have you ever used pick-up lines? 

No. Sometimes, but...

Like what?

That’s confidential (laughs). It's pretty dangerous, that subject. 

Have you ever been turned down by a girl you asked out?

Many times.

Really? In Australia or here?

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I've spoken to a few girls here and been turned down. It hurt the heart but you've just got to get back up and keep trying, you know.

What would be a great conversation starter on a date?

Starting conversation with 'How was your day?', 'What have you been up to?', and 'What school do you go to?' All the basics. Getting to know the girl first. 

Are you the type who splurges on dates? 

It depends. You know you've got to have potential; if not, you just go to a regular place like Greenbelt or something. But if it's someone you really, really like, it's coming from the heart, so why not [splurge], right?

What was your most unforgettable date?

On my birthday, someone took me out for a date and we had a nice lunch. After that, [we had] private full body massages. We played basketball. Of course I won (laughs). It was fun. [It was a] fun date. 

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For you, what is the biggest turnoff on a date?

The biggest turnoff would be when you're just not being polite. Like [when] waiting in line or someone’s staring and they make a big deal out of it. I think [you should] just let it go. Just be friendly. 

How will a girl know if you really like her?

I'd be texting her, I'd always be beside her and always talking to her, giving her attention right. That’s how a girl would know I'm into her. 

Who are your biggest local and international celebrity crushes?

(laughs)! Local, it would be Iya Villania, Anne Curtis, Georgina Wilson. International, it would be Paris Hilton. 

Watch for next week's feature on Cosmo Online Hunk Anthony Semerad on June 20, 2012, Wednesday!

Outfit: Polo shirt, Collezione. Pants, Regatta, Shoes, Sperry.

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