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Derek Ramsay And Andrea Torres Admit They Have Feelings For Each Other


In the midst of public speculation that they’re dating, Derek Ramsay and Andrea Torres have admitted that they have feelings for each other, according to While they haven’t officially confirmed anything, Derek said, “We’re more than friends. We’re at that stage na we both have feelings for each other. It’s not just physical attraction—it’s deeper than that.” Andrea called him “the closest guy to me right now.”

They’re both close with each other’s parents, and even their parents get along well.

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Derek and Andrea co-star on The Better Woman, and they’ve unconsciously called each other “Babe,” one of their terms of endearment, on the GMA show. 

Derek said they had a connection from the beginning. “When we first met, we already had a connection doon sa station ID ng GMA. We were just talking about pag-aartista, we did not see na may connection kami, and then nabuo… It just flows naturally.”

You can watch their interview below:

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