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Do Enjoy This Instagram Account Of Hot Men And Coffee

What more can you ask for?

Remember when we told you about those Instagram accounts that curated photos of Hot Men Reading Books and Hot Dudes With Dogs? You totally followed them after, right?

Well, here’s another account you’ll be obsessed with, as it combines two of your favorite things in life: coffee and hot men.

Alex Tooby—the woman behind the account—hatched the idea after one GNO. “Since I work in social media, the first thing I did was head to the internet to see if anyone had a similar brand. To my surprise, no one was doing this, so I jumped on it that night and made the Instagram account Men and Coffee,” she said in an interview with The Daily Mail Online. 

So in the words of our spirit animal Taylor Swift, we sing...

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Oh my god, look at that face!

You look like my next mistake.

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I can make the bad guys good for the weekend.

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