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Doug Kramer Reminds Husbands To ‘Date Your Wife’

Learn about #TeamKramer’s secrets to a lasting marriage!

It’s a pretty amazing fact that Doug Kramer and Chesca Garcia Kramer have been together for 16 long years. But what’s their secret to a lasting union?

In a recent Instagram post, Doug called marriage a “beautiful thing if you just take care of it.”

For a relationship to work, Doug said that both partners must work through their troubles and misunderstandings. Never let a day pass when you argue and fight. He also said to “take down your pride” and to “say sorry first.”

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And the most important thing is to “admit your own faults rather than pointing fingers. Work on what you need to do rather than trying to change your partner’s attitude.”

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He also reminded husbands to “date your wife.”

While all relationships aren’t perfect, Doug’s useful marriage advice should be summed up as having equality in relationships. And for a union to work, both parties must make an effort.

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