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LOL, Drew Arellano Exposed Iya Villania's Actual Outfit On '24 Oras'

'What you don't see.'
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/drewarellano; (RIGHT) YouTube/GMA News

Working from home has been our way of life for a while now, what with the lockdowns and all. Even celebs and members of the media have to get used to doing things remotely, like going on video conferences or broadcasting from their living room.

On April 23, Drew Arellano gave us a peek into what his wife Iya Villania actually looked like while doing her usual showbiz report on 24 Oras, in particular, during the April 22 airing.

In a set of IG Stories, he first showed a close-up of a phone with Iya in-frame for her report, looking sharp with her blouse and accessories. "What you see," Drew wrote.

BTS of Iya Villania's report in 24 Oras
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In his next IG Story, Drew snaps a stolen photo of Iya from the side, where we can see her full garb from the waist down: a pair of shorts and ~one~ rubber slipper.

"What you don't see. My wife is always ahead of the fashion curve!" he said. LOL.

Full picture of Iya's outfit during a report for 24 Oras
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We can totally relate to Iya! We've all been there, wearing pambahay shorts on Zoom meetings because nobody will see (oops, secret's out!). Plus, we're pretty sure everyone else is most likely wearing comfy bottoms, anyway. That's the beauty of working from home. Let's not forget too that Iya is also a busy homemaker and mom. Drew and Iya have three kids: Primo, Leon, and Alana, who just turned nine months old.

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Apart from her 24 Oras gig, Iya also hosts GMA's Eat Well, Live Well show.