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Drew Arellano On What He Wants To Teach His Kids: 'Being good is always better than being right'

The father of three talks about his experience with fatherhood.
Drew Arellano talks fatherhood experience, discipline techniques, lessons

For a "Father's Day" special on Paano Ba 'To, Bianca Gonzalez interviewed Drew Arellano about what it's like to be a dad of three! He said that fatherhood gets somewhat "easier" after each kid. "You have a total of 22 minutes [when] you wanna whack them in a day...[but for] 23 hours and so so minutes, you really adore them and love them." 

Drew said that even before the pandemic, he was always a homebody—and perhaps not as busy as fans think. "People think I'm traveling all over the Philippines and the world, but TV does that to you. It was just two days a week." Of course, his work routine slightly changed, with Zoom interviews and cooking segments, but for the most part, he's still mostly just at home. 

Drew Arellano talks fatherhood experience, discipline techniques, advice
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One fan asked about what Drew would like to pass on to his sons, "something he learned personally as a man" and the host shared a sweet story about Primo and Leon. As a reward, Primo is allowed some "game time", which usually doesn't happen in the morning. Drew saw Primo using Leon's gadget and told his eldest, "Kuya, it's not your game time buddy. I gotta take that phone from you."

Primo was unhappy about it. Upon seeing this, Leon went to the office, got the phone, and gave it to his kuya to get him to stop crying. Drew considered this a ~*teachable moment*~ and said to Primo, "Most of the time, it's better to be good than to be right. Look what your little brother did. Hindi naman niya alam na you can't have game time but because he felt that you were crying and he was such a good brother, so he got the phone and gave it to you."

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Though it may be "too deep" for Primo to understand right now, Drew explained, "You learn academicsmathematics, science, whateverbut for me, the values that you learn in this household is far more important than biology or calculus..." 

He also spoke about his discipline strategies, which does not include spanking, btw: "I never spank my kids. Never did...It's just not in my personality. Takot, ano ako, factor."

Drew Arellano talks to Bianca Gonzalez about fatherhood:


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